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If you’ve ever dreamt of waking up with Bambi lashes without the hassle of putting on false lashes daily, this is the solution for you.

Just like hair extensions, eyelash extensions are individual lashes typically made of silk, mink or something synthetic, that are attached to your existing lashes semi-permanently to give you a little help in the lash department. If you’re keen to give this a try, here are 4 new lash treatments that promise to give you full, flirty lashes.


Novalash Eyelash Extension by Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Studio

Best for those who…want long, natural looking lashes but are not prepared to give up their cleansing oils

If you get your lashes done, most beauticians would advise you against the use of oily skincare products such as oils and heavy creams near your lash extensions as oils will loosen the adhesive. For those who are not willing to give up their cleansing and facial oils, Lolita Lash offers a Novalash Eyelash Extension service that uses an oil-resistant adhesive so you don’t have to worry about your lashes falling off even if you use oil-based skincare products.

Lolita’s Lash & Beauty Salon

Marina Square, 6 Raffles Boulevard, #B1-12, S039594, 6338 9981

Prices start from $169.


Lower Lashes Eye Design Eyelash Extensions by Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons


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Best for those who…want bottom lashes that look naturally Twiggy-esque.

Adding volume to your lower lashes can really help to open up your eyes and help them look bigger by providing extra definition. Sure, you can apply mascara to your lower lashes, but the smudging and smearing that inevitably happens won’t do your lower lashes justice, with runny mascara quickly turning into what we’ll affectionately call “panda eyes.” To create the illusion of being naturally blessed in the lower lash department, check out the Lower Lash Eye Design Eyelash Extensions service by Devonshire. At this Japan Eyelash Extension Association endorsed salon, you can get fine and fluttery Japanese-style added to your bottom lashes for just $30.

Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons

113 Devonshire Road, S239878, 6334 7898, 9232 3376

Prices start from $30.


Classic Korean Eyelash Extension by Dreamlash

Best for those who…want to get lash extensions without damaging their own natural lashes

This Korean Eyelash Extension studio allows you to customise every single detail, right down to the angle of curl which best enhances your eyes. Unlike most salons that use a strip lash or cluster technique, Dreamlash uses the single-strand lash technique that ensures that each lash is placed at a distance from your lash line to allow your own natural lashes to grow. This method helps to prevent your own natural lashes from falling prematurely.


1 Raffles Link, #B1-09A, S039393, 6884 8019, 8608 0729

Prices start from $138.


Classic Single Lash Extension with Colour Extension/Gradation by KJStudio


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Best for those who…want to enhance their natural eye colour

Coloured lashes can be another way to express your individuality and can also help to enhance your natural eye colour. The subtle pops of colour can also add a flirty and fun touch to your lashes. At KJStudio, a Japanese eyelash salon, you get the option of adding coloured lashes into the mix for an additional fee of $20.


43A Keong Saik Road, S089147, 6221 6209

Prices start from $75.