Even Mrs George Clooney thinks this nail polish colour is totally in! B1.png

Let’s hear it for the … woman in white. Those legs! Image: ©AFP/ Andreas Solaro

I don’t know about you, but a white nail is just so deliciously delightful as an all-year accent in the torrid tropics we call home. 

But why waste precious “talon” on an austere alabaster when there’s so much mani magic to be had from baroque nail art? 

Even Mrs George Clooney thinks this nail polish colour is totally in! B.png

Elementary, enamel enthusiast. White nails make for a clean counterpoint to any contemporary silhouette – just take a gander at the very leggy couture dress the newly minted Mrs Amal Alamuddin-Clooney was rocking at her marital maritime extravaganza in Venice.

Want more proof white is in? White polish is a cool cosmetic complement to more daring dashes of colour: A trendy tangerine lippie, for one, or a flamboyant flash of blue on your peepers.

The only nail polish colour you need right now B2 Sephora Lancome.png

Plethora of polished pearly whites, from left: Nails Inc Gel Effect in Hyde Park Place, $26; Sephora Colour Hit in Steal Grey, $12; Nailkale Illuminator Bright Street, $27, all available from Sephora stores; Lancôme Vernis in Love in 020M, $30, available at Lancôme counters

Having said that, a wee caveat is in order. Unless you’re explicitly gunning for an “editorial” look, stay well away from matte white formulas. These can look flat at best … or like you’ve had way too much fun with your office cubicle’s correction fluid at worst.

Instead, opt for an opalescent ivory shot through with a smidgen of salmon or silver; this not-quite-white white lends a lovely luminosity that’s pretty without being peacockish.

Raring to get a white-over? Before racing to the nearest beauty boutique, here’s some Insta-inspiration to get your monochrome manicure going.

P.S. We’ll be looking forward to seeing your nail art come #ManicureMonday!