Etude House Sweet Recipe

South Korean brand Etude House’s makeup collection for Spring is inspired by the gingerbread house in the Hansel And Gretel fairy tale.

Look out for the eyeshadows shaped like cupcakes, lipgloss made to look like candy canes and pastel-coloured nail polish topped with ice-cream cone caps.

Our favourites are the creamy All Over Colour lip, cheek and eyelid tints that come in cute cupcake-shaped tins ($12.90 each).

Prices start from $6.90 for a bottle of nail polish.

Etude House’s Sweet Recipe Collection is available from all Etude House Singapore Stores.

Etude House Sweet Recipe

To watch videos of Etude House’s spokes models Sulli, Krystal and SHINee creating their own sweet recipe, visit Etude House Singapore’s Facebook Page.