Die-hard Ettusais fans will know that the brand caters to those with slightly oilier skin and even acne-prone skin. Their latest formulation update, the Skin Version Up SP, is no different.

The moisturiser, a new version of the Skin Version Up, will replace the older product on shelves.


One main difference of the reformulated version is it boasts a double dose of hyaluronic acid – the super hyaluronic acid as well the regular hyaluronic acid.

The super hyaluronic acid is said to be presented in smaller molecules, which means it is able to penetrate deeper into the skin tissue and stay within the skin for a longer time. This provides a lasting moisturising effect and works together with regular hyaluronic acid to protect the skin from being dehydrated.

Other ingredients like the AC control oil – equipped with moisturising and antibacterial capabilities – also inhibit the growth of acne-causing bacteria.

Glycerin and Moutan Cortex Extract also helps soften the skin’s surface, while enhancing the penetration levels deep within the skin.

Just two pumps of the lotion for the entire face will ensure that your skin’s moisture level will be kept at a high level even after four hours. The slightly thicker consistency (compared to the previous version) is still lightweight and moist, keeping the skin’s surface smooth without feeling sticky.

Ettusais Skin Version Up SP is available for $37 for 100ml and $30 for the refill, at all Ettusais counters islandwide.