Photo: Estee Lauder

With over 13 years of experience under his belt, Estée Lauder‘s senior chief makeup artist Jerome Chan is extremely well-versed with all things makeup. So we sat down with him at the Estee Lauder pop-up at Paragon and got him to share his must-do tips to achieving soft, hydrated lips – and of course how to keep them that way.

What’s the number one cause of wrinkly and dry lips?

Ageing! As we age, our collagen depletes and that affects our lips.

What do you think is another reason that causes our lips to look less than perfect?

Smoking. Unfortunately, the lips of smokers are much more wrinkled and dry than those who don’t smoke.

Photo: Estée Lauder’s Facebook page

If someone is facing problems keeping their lips looking good, what is the first thing that they should do?

First of all, they’ll have to look into lip care. So think: lip scrubs, lip masks, lip balms and lip serums. They’re worth the investment!

How frequently should one use a lip scrub on their lips?

It really depends on the condition of their lips. If it’s in really bad shape, I would definitely recommend twice a week, especially for lip scrubs. But remember that for lip scrubs, don’t apply it more than 3 times a week – it’ll strip your lips of its natural moisture.

What are some lipstick tips to get perfect a matte lip?

If you want to achieve that perfect matte lip without emphasising chapped lips and wrinkles, you should hydrate your lips using a lip balm or a lip serum just before you start on your makeup. Then, go about your regular makeup routine and when everything is finished, glide the lipstick on your lips as the last step.

What about glossy lips?

For glossy lips, I would always use a lip balm as the base. Depending on the consistency of the gloss, I would mix the gloss with a lipstick on my hand first and then proceed to apply it on the lips.

For those who struggle with really dry lips, how can they still sport a matte lip?

Many people think that if they have dry lips, they can’t wear a matte lip. They definitely still can. They just have to ensure that they scrub (up to twice a week) and hydrate their lips well before they apply the matte lipstick, and ensure that it remains hydrated throughout the day.

What are some everyday care tips that you can do for your lips to ensure they’re supple and smooth?

I would recommend the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lip Repair Potion. It definitely helps keep the lips moisturised. Following that, it’s good to apply the Estée Lauder Pure Colour Envy Lip Volumiser for extra hydration.

Can lips age? How should we care for ageing lips?

Yes like skin, it can age and gets chapped, wrinkly, dry and thin. So one must really take care and treat their lips all the time. We always take extra care of our skin, our faces and even our necks – but we sometimes neglect our lips. So we really must start with lip care and maintenance and not wait until it gets wrinkly for it to get our attention. Of course, it’s never too late to start on lip care – you can start right now actually! The most important thing is being consistent.

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