eco-friendly beauty brands singapore earth day

Earth Day is this weekend, and with it, a nudge towards being more eco-conscious. There are three ways to get responsible when it comes to beauty products that appeal to different concerns or causes that a growing number of consumers are adopting. There’s the “green” eco-friendly and carbon footprint-reducing camp, those who prefer “natural” products that use naturally sourced ingredients. And there’s the camp opposing the cruelty that often accompanies animal-testing.

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With the increasing focus on us as consumers to be eco-friendly, it’s no surprise at all that plenty of beauty brands are onboard the “green” train. Some have pledged to go carbon neutral in the next five years and others have been using Post Consumer Recycled packaging. Then we have brands that advocate for animals and are against animal testing, or others who create products that use naturally-sourced ingredients. Whatever cause you’re into, there’s a brand that’s just as into it as you are. Here are some of our favourite companies for these causes that also make beauty products worth buying!

eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - Aveda

#1 Aveda

Aveda has always been seen as an eco-friendly brand so it’s no surprise that they’ve made our list. They also use recycled packaging for their products and partner with nonprofit organisations to support various causes. We also love that they use renewable wind power energy to manufacture their products in order to neutralise their carbon footprint.

What to try? Aside from an amazing haircare range for thinning hair called Invati, the brand has also just launched a minty-fresh cooling oil concentrate that comes in a handy little rollerball for you to relieve yourself of stress throughout the day. Also, the brand is looking to raise money for clean water projects in Madagascar and has a special Light The Way Candle ($35) on sale for Earth Month. All proceeds from these candles will go towards the Global Greengrants Fund for the clean water project.

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eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - burts bees

#2 Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees has a commitment to preserving animal and human rights with free-trade and fair working conditions. They are also moving towards operating on 100 percent renewable energy by 2020, and even have a zero-waste policy in their three facilities meaning they recycle and compost. Of course, true to their namesake, they have a non-profit foundation that supports the preservation of bees.

The brand’s lip balms are a classic favourite and come in many flavours. If you’ve extra dry lips, try the Ultra Conditioning Kokum Butter lip balm.

eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - innisfree

#3 Innisfree

This K-beauty brand is all about natural ingredients and eco-initiatives. Inspired by the volcanic island of Jeju it originates from, the brand is committed to using natural ingredients and giving back to the community. The brand currently sells an “eco-life” range of makeup pouches and tote bags on their website that are made from recycled materials, and a portion of the proceeds go to building a school in Africa.  

They have a number of star products in their range depending on what your preferences and skin type are, but we love the No Sebum Powder and their affordable foundation cushion compacts that come in 100 different designs.

eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - korres

#4 Korres

One of the most eco-friendly beauty brands out there, Korres is inspired by it Greek heritage. The brand uses natural and organic ingredients that target specific skin concerns. The company was started by George Korres who began mixing natural pharmacy ingredients as a student to create herbal and natural remedies, and almost everything they make is fantastic. Everything about their cosmetics process is eco-friendly, from biodegradable ingredients to recyclable packaging and even using sustainable power.

If you want to start small, we recommend sampling the lip butters or the body lotions for yourself. They feel amazing and smell divine.

eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - Tarte

#5 Tarte

While this brand was acquired by Kose last year, they still remain dedicated to being cruelty-free and do not condone animal testing. They also make products that are free of things like parabens, mineral oil, phthalates, gluten, sodium lauryl sulfate, and synthetic fragrances. Perhaps their most well-loved range is the Amazonian Clay collection made from clay from the banks of the Amazon River basin.

New to Tarte? Try the Amazonian Clay blushes or one of the Tartelette in Bloom palette which is one of the best value neutral eyeshadow palettes around.

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eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - lush

#6 Lush

If you’ve ever walked by Lush, you’ll know just how incredible everything smells. The English cosmetics company is filled with just about everything natural – bath bombs, shampoo bars, exfoliators, the list (and our lust) goes on. It has a strict policy against animal testing, and its products are handmade ethically, which means no animal or people get harmed in the process of your favourite soap bar!

Plenty of Lush’s products are worth looking out for because they all smell so enticing. Try the Mask of Magnaminty if you’re looking for a cleansing product for pimples and spots. It contains peppermint which is known for its anti acne and anti scarring properties.

eco-friendly beauty brands singapore - body shop drops of youth

#7 The Body Shop

The Body Shop has been around for a long time, and for good reason. Its ingredients are ethically sourced, and like Lush, have strict animal-testing standards. It also has a good range of makeup products, so if you’re particularly lazy to go shop-hopping, it’ll be easy to get both your makeup and skincare fix in the one shop.

We love The Body Shop Drops of Youth range. The line is formulated with stem cells from different plants, which contain anti-aging properties aimed to help you stave off those dreaded wrinkles for just a few more years.


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