Most women in this day and age have busy and active lifestyles, but that does not mean sacrificing your beauty and grooming regimes.
Designed to meet the aspirations of modern women, Panasonic has developed a new range of beauty and grooming products to provide fuss-free solutions for the busy woman.
Incorporating Panasonic’s patented nanoe technology into selected new Panasonic Beauty products, users are provided with convenient beauty solutions that keep skin and hair moisturised.
The unique nanoe technology makes use of nano-sized ion particles that contain 1,000 times more water than negative ions to penetrate hair, scalp and skin more effectively to keep them moisturised for a longer period of time.
Dry your hair in a jiffy while keeping your locks moisturised with Panasonic Beauty’s latest Nanocare Hairdryer (EH-NA30), $139, available in two colours white and pink.
Thanks to Panasonic’s nanoe technology, the nano-sized moisture ions help smoothen hair cuticles for sleek and frizz-free hair.
The ions allow moisture to combine easily with your scalp so that excess sebum is reduced when hair is washed, giving you a healthier scalp.
The ions also balance the pH of your hair for a healthier mane.
Keep your skin firm and supple with Panasonic’s Nanocare Facial Ionic Steamer (EH-SA31), $199. Using the nanoe technology, its nano-sized steam particles penetrate quickly into the skin to retain moisture while the steam deep cleanses by lifting dirt as well as oil from pores.
Ideal for daily use, this portable easy-to-use facial steamer would make a perfect home spa experience.
Speed up your cleaning process by steaming your face for three minutes while removing your makeup. You’ll find that makeup comes off effortlessly and thoroughly without having to scrub your face excessively. With consistent use, facial oil will be reduced and pores, refined. You’ll also find your skin becoming more supple.
Pamper your skin after cleansing by using the steamer for another three minutes before you start your skincare regime to help enhance absorption of your skincare products.
Keep your eyelashes curled for longer with Panasonic’s new heated Eyelash Curler (EH-SE60), $49.
Keep your eyelashes curled for longer with With its 360 degree rotating comb, you can curl your upper and lower eyelashes more efficiently – even the shorter lashes in the corner.
Gentle on your lashes, you can use this heater curler before and after the application of mascara. Using the heated eyelash curler after you applied mascara helps comb out any lumps or clumps for more natural looking lashes.
This eyelash curler is also suitable for use on falsies, making it great for curling both your natural lashes with the falsies for a more natural look.
You don’t have to brush harder or longer to have a brighter smile. Brush smarter with the portable Pocket Doltz Toothbrush (EW-DS11), $34.90, available in five colours – pink, red, orange, silver
and black.
The sonic vibration toothbrush delivers 16,000 brush strokes per minute, providing your teeth with gentle and effective cleansing.
The sonic vibration toothbrush delivers 16,000 brush strokes per minute, providing your teeth with gentle and effective cleansing.
The small dual-edged brush is structured to fit perfectly in your mouth and is great for brushing hard-to-reach molars at the back of your mouth.
On an AAA-battery, you can brush for up to 90 days. Plus, the compact toothbrush comes with a cap so you can bring it with you everywhere to look your best anytime, anywhere.
Panasonic Beauty products are available from Isetan Scotts, Takashimaya D.S., Tangs Orchard, Best Denki, selected Harvey Norman outlets and other Panasonic authorised dealers.
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