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Besides genetics, many other factors can cause hair loss. The good news: If yours is caused by these other factors – which include stress, a poor diet, an irritated scalp or poor blood circulation – there are remedies that could help pump up the volume.

1. Eat foods rich in iron and vitamin D

A lack of nutrients caused by a poor diet is one of the most common causes of hair loss, but it’s also relatively easy to fix. Go for veggies rich in iron, like spinach and bak choy (Chinese cabbage) – these can keep your hair follicles healthy and promote microcirculation in your scalp. More foods linked to good follicle health: vitamin D-rich eggs, milk and salmon.

2. Treat your hair right at home
Excessive use of heated styling tools causes hair to weaken and break. But if you can’t resist a good blow-dry, use heat protectants and opt for the lowest heat setting to
minimise damage. An irritated scalp may also hinder healthy hair growth, so use clarifying scalp shampoos
at least once a week to get rid of dirt and oil build-up.

3. Opt for a hair treatment
Try an in-salon treatment like TK Trichokare’s Hair Fall Preventive Treatment ($59). After a detailed hair and scalp analysis by the centre’s inhouse trichologists, the therapist will use a clay mask to remove scalp impurities like dirt, sebum and dandruff so that your scalp will be more receptive to subsequent treatments. Then, your therapist will apply products that have botanical ingredients, and give you an indulgent head massage and an infra-red light treatment. The latter is said to promote blood circulation and help repair damaged follicles. TK Trichokare is at #02-12 Orchard Gateway (6338-8680).


This story was originally published in the January 2016 issue of Her World magazine.