Candle light, all aglow with aromatic scents can calm your nerves after a hectic day. Imbued with botanical fragrances, ECOYA’s scented candles are not only olfactory-pleasing; they’re kind to the environment too.

ECOYA publicity image
Eco-friendly brand ECOYA comes to Singapore

This March, Australasia eco-friendly brand ECOYA arrives in Singapore stores.

Made from sustainable resources, ECOYA’s natural soy wax candles burn with 90 percent less soot than typical paraffin-based candles. Topped with lead-free cotton wicks, these candles burn steadily with distinctive scents; they’ve found fans in celebs like Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian thus far.

ECOYA botanicals candle collection

Botanicals by ECOYA, candles at $95 each

Pick the “Botanicals” series for six unique fragrances: the clean, crisp Coral and Narcissus, the calming Banksia and Bergamot, the sprightly scents of Ivy and River Mint, Midnight Orchid and more. Expect up to 55 hours burn time with your candle of choice in ECOYA’s frosted glass jar.

ECOYA decadence candle boxes

Decadence by ECOYA, candles at $120 each

Looking for headier scents that are full of that joie de vivre? The candles of ECOYA’s Decadence line embraces this exuberance.

These aromatic candles are inspired by four bold female personalities of the Art Deco era. Housed in coloured glass and these stylish boxes, each candle makes great gifts too.

Love the scents from these candles? Have that fragrance soothe your skin too; ECOYA also carries hypoallergenic bath and body products, beauty buys that are free from sulfates, parabens, propylene.ECOYA limited edition Caramelised fig candle

Stand to win a limited edition ECOYA Caramelised Fig Metro Jar Candle of your own (featured on the right). Click here to find out more.

ECOYA products retail in Singapore at the following locations: Takashimaya Department Store Basement 1, Tangs VivoCity Beauty Hall, Verandah Living at Sime Darby Centre and Ana Boutique at 86 Club Street.