Limp of lock and thin on top? Try these “dye-dye” must-try tips and tricks for a bombshell bounce in no time at all:

1. Shadow in sparse spots. And we mean that quite literally, too: An eyeshadow in chocolate or chestnut can work wonders in filling in sparse spots along the hairline – especially useful if you have a pronounced widow’s peak like me. 

Here’s how: Simply grab a stiff angled brush and stipple in a henna hue where needed. Or try mixing and matching complementary colours (browns, brick reds and bronze) as to simulate the faceted flash of real follicles. A lick of clear mascara to fix the fibres in place and you’re all good to go.

2. Multi-mask your mane. It’s multiple masks to the rescue! Much like its complexion-correcting counterpart, this hair hack works to combat your condition via targeted spot treatment: A thicker emulsion on the ends of your hair and a thinner-textured tonic for your scalp.

For the the most glorious gloss, opt for oils on the tips of your tresses as a pampering pre- and post-styling sealant; simply smooth a drop or two into the ends of your damp hair before blow-drying, then skim across the surface for a generous shot of shine.

3. Up, up and away. Always brush upwards against the forces of gravity, especially when blow-drying your hair. Tease the hair at your crown with a medium-sized boar-bristle brush – just be careful not to yank excessively! – then blast it with a spritz of a shine-boosting setting spray. Want it even bigger and bouncier? Take the tiniest dollop of volumising cream and work it into the roots, mussing it up to create hold for an extra lifted effect. 

Or, in the immortal words of Missy Elliott herself, try flipping it and reversing it. Use your dryer “against the grain”; that is, opposite to the direction you usually part your hair. Flip it back to the “right” side once you’re done for a magically fuller mane.

4. Use a dry shampoo – but only at dusk. Skip the soapy suds and dust on a degreasing powder into the roots at night instead. Here’s why: The tossing and turning you do in bed will coat your cuticles with the volumising powders, so you’ll awaken to a head of fluffy, flouncing fabulousness – no elbow grease required on your part. Here’s a nifty application tip: Flip your hair over and dispense your dry shampoo in a zigzag motion, making sure to work your way down to the scalp, where the mattifying powders are most needed. Easy-peasy!

5. Do an Ariana Grande. No, we’re not referring to her howling histrionics and dubious stage ensembles. Instead, try sticking a pair of bobby pins (positioned diagonally to each other to form a sort of criss-cross pattern) right at the base of your ponytail. This boost in volume will lend the illusion of an instantly fuller updo and is subtle and superbly convincing to boot: A fab trick that should come in very useful for close-up selfies and such, methinks.
Right, then. You know the drill: Spill the #deets if these hair tips works for you, and good luck getting out of hairy situations in the future!