Easy and subtle ways to add bold pops of colour to your eye look

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When it comes to eye looks, we’re often caught in the same rut. Soft washes of brown. Black eyeliner. More browns. Don’t get us wrong – it’s not that we don’t love our neutrals but the fact remains that our usual go-to tones can get a little…bland.

That said, while we’re all for bold, adventurous eye looks, we understand that they’re not for majority of us. How many times have we shunned away from an electric eye palette? So, to come to a compromise between both extremes – we’ll be showing you how you can add subtle pops of bold shades to your eye look – so that blue eyeliner of yours doesn’t go to waste in the cold storage.

Best of all, they’re easy to execute and won’t take you much time in the morning. In fact, nothing more than your usual makeup routine.


Shimmer shadows


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Have always been sticking to the same ol’ champagne and copper shimmers? Switch things up by patting on a contrasting colour in the lid area, right above the iris. Don’t fret over it looking too stark, for the neutral eyeshadow shades will still be the main look. The pop of colour will serve to elevate the otherwise very “normal” everyday eye.

You can always sport a pair of matching earrings to pull the entire look together even more.

Take your shimmers to a new level… by ditching the mattes. Pack an everyday gold shimmer shade in the middle of the lid and lower lash line. And that’s it. Takes no time, no effort, but still stunning all the same. You’d be surprised at how wearable the look is, too.


Coloured eyeliners



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When we think of eyeliners, our mind goes to black immediately. Simply because we know of it as the most safest colour when lining our eyes. Not wrong, but not entirely true either. There are coloured eyeliners that are equally wearable, and definitely more fun than just black.

Go for an electric blue – the one shade that’s particularly eye-catching, yet doesn’t look too “out of place” on the peepers.

If you aren’t one for coloured wings, target instead the water line, an underrated feature of our eyes that don’t get much attention. Start small with a deep, close-to-black forest green and keep the upper eye area neutral. When you’re slightly more comfortable with colour, add a brighter hue to contrast with a bronze eye.




We know – coloured mascaras are always a hit-or-miss. We turn them down because of how over-the-top they look, what with their neon orange and yellow renditions. Truth be told though, coloured mascaras are perhaps the quickest and easiest way to add colour to your eyes – if you pick the right shades.

Tight-line your lash line before applying the mascara so that the colour doesn’t look out of place. Pick a muted colour – deep blue, green and even purple works especially well. Best of all, that’s all you need for a quick coloured eye look. No frills, no fuss.