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In part one of the series, we showed you how you can stave off unhealthy tips. And while preventing split ends might be easy (and the better option), some of us are already living with frayed tips that we don’t quite like. So here are some ways you can achieve healthy hair – root to tip!

1. Use homemade masks

While we’re on the topic of pampering, homemade masks are a great way to nourish your hair and treat yourself to some me-time. Use ingredients that are high in protein or healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, eggs or even mayonnaise. Simply apply it to your hair and leave it on while you watch a show on Netflix. Heck, apply a face mask too while you’re at it for the ultimate pampering. This won’t just restore shine and strength to your locks, it’ll also help you de-stress, leaving you ready for whatever the next day brings.

2. Opt for leave-in conditioners and serums instead

For most of us, rinse-off conditioners are already a staple in our haircare. Switch it up every once in a while with a hair mask or leave-in conditioners as well as serums that are geared towards split ends. Rinse-off conditioners definitely do the job in restoring hydration in your hair follicles, but a leave-in conditioner provides continuous moisture to your hair throughout the day (or night, depending on when you wash your hair).

If you need some suggestions, try using L’Oreal’s Everstrong Sulfate-Free Fortify System Overnight Repair Treatment, or Macadamia Professional Deep Repair Masque.

3. Cut your locks

This breaks our hearts as much as it breaks yours, but cutting your hair doesn’t have to be a dramatic affair! You don’t have to chop off your luscious locks if you don’t want to, but you should try to trim off an inch (or two) every two to three months. If left untreated, the split can “travel” up your hair shaft, which will leave you with very unhealthy locks that will be far more difficult to salvage. So while it might seem unbearable to trim off that inch, it’s far better to cut it off before it worsens.


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