Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and lots of weddings are happening at this time of the year. The festive season certainly calls for some equally festive makeup! To get you started, or even just to inspire you to try something a little out of your comfort zone, here are some of my favourite glam makeup looks that are perfect for any holiday party. Some are more wearable, while others are pretty intense, so there’s something for every taste!


#1 Vampy lips with a rosy smoky eye

Conventional wisdom dictates that when going with a really bold lip like this, you should go easy on the eyes to keep things balanced, but when it’s party season, anything goes and you can and should get a little more intense with your makeup! That’s why I really like this autumnal pairing of a rosy smokey eye with vampy lips for this time of the year, even if it isn’t actually winter for us.

Kathleen owns one of my favourite beauty channels on Youtube. She’s young, gorgeous and endearingly funny. Also, she always has the best drugstore and affordable makeup recommendations (she’s the one who recently made popular the RCMA no-colour setting powder). The only thing to keep in mind when watching her videos is that she has dry skin, so you need to adjust your makeup base accordingly to suit your own skin condition.


#2 An intense orange cranberry smoky eye

This one is for anyone who wants to go a little crazy with the eye makeup. Because quite frankly, if you can’t go nuts with your makeup for the festive season, then when can you? The colours are going to look so flattering on medium and deep skin tones as well.

You don’t have to go as “ham” with the contour, brows and bronzer as Carli does, but she somehow brings it all together and makes it look good at the end.


#3 A bold red lip with a bronze-gold glittery eye (for hooded eyes)

While Tina doesn’t post as many makeup tutorials as she used to, she still has some solid evergreen ones on her channel that are worth watching if you have hooded eyes like hers. This video shows you how to nail a classic red and gold holiday look that is not too difficult to achieve on your own!  

One of my favourite things about her channel is that a lot of her videos are of her trying out novel new things, like a false lash stapler, peel-off makeup, and virtually anything and everything that’s trending. She tends to be one of the first few to try something out too and comes off as being really down to earth and sincere in her reviews.


#4 Silver glam eye look

What’s a Youtube tutorial roundup without some NikkieTutorials? Taking a break from all the warm-toned tutorials, here’s an ice-cool silver glam eye. I find Nikkie’s tutorials helpful for mono eyelids as well, so have a watch to see how you can get your lids looking as glittery and icy as hers!

As with any makeup tutorial, don’t feel the need to follow it to the letter. There are plenty of elements you can drop if they don’t suit you, like the dramatic brows or killer falsies, so it’s always best to adjust the look to something you’re comfortable in. After all, it’s going to be on your face all night and in all your pictures.


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