If you are reading this, congratulations! Chances are, you’ve recently welcomed a new life into this world – a little bundle of joy that will grow to be your heart, your soul and your entirety for the rest of time. You are now privy to the exclusive joy that is motherhood, and we could not be more excited for you! Each day will bring forth a chance to look at life through new eyes, the opportunity to love deeply and fiercely in ways you could not imagine possible and of course, new challenges.

But while you are busy being a mother, daughter, wife and juggling everything else in your life, do not neglect yourself. We understand that once you have a child, he or she becomes your everything – and that’s totally normal! Just don’t forget that you are still your own person, and that you should still try to find some time out of your newly hectic schedule for a little self-love. For many new mothers, that means taking the time to work out and regaining their pre-baby body.

Yet, between juggling all your new roles on top of work, we know that time isn’t always on your side – we’ve all heard about how tiring it is to be a new mother! So stop stressing about trying to find time for the gym, and consider these 6 options by Privé Aesthetics instead. Designed specially for post-natal, non-breastfeeding moms looking to drop some weight in a flash, these treatments are non-invasive, effective and require minimal to zero downtime.

#1 Cryo Fat Freeze

Freeze away 20% of your fat –literally! This non-surgical, body contouring treatment targets stubborn fat calls using a patented FDA-cleared procedure that kills and eliminates fat calls by freezing them. Called ‘cryolipolysis’, this unique treatment targets only your fat cells, leaving your other skin cells healthy. Do note that the Cryo Fat Freeze is most suitable for those with a moderate amount of fat at your desired reduction areas.

#2 Ultra Lipo Fat Reduction

This treatment utilises the power of a high-intense focused ultrasound to permanently destroy unwanted abdominal fat – a trouble area for many women, post-natal or otherwise! What we love about this particular treatment is its versatility: you have total control over exactly where and how the fat-destroying energy is delivered, allowing for a truly customised treatment that requires just 1 hour of your time.

#3 ZCombi (Fat Freezing + Skin Tightening Treatment)

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone with this award-winning fat freeze treatment. In a single session, you can expect to have your stubborn fat cells permanently destroyed and your skin tightened at the same time – no downtime required. Painless and effective, the treatment utilises 2nd generation cryolipolysis technology and lymphatic drainage shockwave therapy to flush out fat cells, allowing your skin to regain firmness and elasticity quickly.

#4 Inch Vanquish

This treatment isn’t just non-invasive, it is contactless. For those looking to reshape your body and reduce volume in your tummy, love handles and thighs, this treatment is definitely for you. It uses a high-frequency Selective Field RFTM energy that delivers just the right amount of thermal energy to destroy fat cells depending on how much deep tissue it needs to penetrate. The technology even taps into the power of radio magnetic fields to optimize penetration, allowing it to rapidly heat and destroy the fat in your body without the device ever touching your skin. Talk about no pain, but all the gains!

#5 Legacy Restore

For new moms whose primary concern isn’t fat loss, but are simply looking to achieve a smoother and more contoured silhouette, this treatment is for you. It is the only FDA-cleared treatment to use 4DTM technology to treat cellulite and tighten skin. It combines Multi-Polar Radio Frequency, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields, VariPulseTM technology and RealTime thermal feedback for a safe and totally pain-free body sculpting experience.

#6 Elite SmoothTone

Even if you do manage to get in some time at the gym, some fat simply just doesn’t go away even with the strictest exercise and diet regime. If you’re struggling with sagging skin and unwanted bulges despite eating clean and training mean, then consider this treatment for a little extra boost. The award-winning Elite SmoothTone treatment delivers controlled heat to tissue while cooling the surface of the skin by using a focused radio frequency technology, resulting in a tighter and firmer silhouette.

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