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My skincare routine is never the same every two weeks because I’m always test-driving new products. This makes me prone to breaking out from hormonal changes and allergies because my skin is never really “in equilibrium”. This is when I switch to gentle skincare products and keep my face makeup-free for about another two to three weeks, until things go back to normal and I’m ready to try something new again.

Sometimes however, it’s not always easy to go makeup free – work and meetings still go according to plan, and it’s difficult to meet people on the job when my skin is dry and red at certain areas from sensitivity. Yet, it’s difficult to get makeup on irritated skin – it slips, slides and dries up into a patchy mess.

I experienced this over the recent weekend, which made it the perfect time to test Curel’s new BB Cream with SPF28++. It claims to soothe skin sensitivity, cover red patches and strengthen the skin against external irritants.

The BB Cream has a creamy, whipped texture but feels light on the skin – it goes on smoothly and can be layered for medium coverage. It was effective in toning down the red patches on my cheeks and acne spots without making my skin look dry and uneven.

Apparently, this is due to a modified silicone polymer which allows the product to spread easily to form a uniform film over the skin, giving it a smoother appearance. I set the BB cream with a bit of loose powder on the T-zone, where I tend to get oily.

Curel’s BB Cream held up well for a good five hours before settling into the fine lines in the middle of my forehead, which tends to get oily. On my cheeks however, it looked just slightly dewier, but not oily.

When I washed my face at the end of the day, my acne spots did not get worse and the BB Cream did not aggravate my dry patches. Rather, it had helped  to slightly calm the red patches on my face.

This drugstore BB cream is great for sensitive skin & rough patches.jpg

The brand says that with prolonged use, the BB cream will help to strengthen the skin’s barrier function due to a unique ceramide technology. Ceramides are fatty acids that help to support the skin’s structure. That is, the “glue” that holds cells together to maintain the skin’s appearance while protecting it at the same time. When there’s a lack of ceramide in the skin, it’s “brittle” and prone to dryness, which is why Curel’s BB Cream works to replenish the ceramide in patchy, sensitive skin.

So if you tend to have sensitive, dry skin, then try this one out in August, when it becomes available at selected Guardian and Watsons stores. Available in two shades, $24.80 for a 35g tube.

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