They are a must-have for busy, jet-setting models to keep looking glowing and fresh during the hectic Fashion Week month.

Supermodel Rosie Huntington-Whiteley swears by them and catwalk star Karlie Kloss even tweeted a picture of her Michael Kors handbag stuffed with a selection of these miracle workers.

We are, of course, talking about green power juices!

While delicious berry-flavoured or banana-based smoothies are a favourite amongst the health-conscious, it is the slightly less appetizing-looking vegetable recipes that really pack a punch in the beauty and nutrition stakes.

“I don’t believe in fads. I believe in eating clean and balanced. I do a lot of juicing, a lot of green smoothies,” Rosie Huntington-Whiteley told the UK edition of Grazia. “I put all my super-foods and supplements into my juice and I have that first thing.”

Blending greens like spinach and celery with carrots and apples, the model-turned-actress likes to add Asian algae product Chlorella to her smoothies. Containing twice as much protein as spinach and packed with vitamins and minerals, the wholefood helps to reduce body fat as well as combating several skin conditions including ageing effects such as spider veins, psoriasis and rosacea.

American super model Karlie, who is renowned for her flawless complexion and Amazonian figure, is a fan of New York based company Liquiteria, which serves up cold-pressed juices and super-food smoothies full of easily digestible raw vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Karlie fills up on the energy-boosting All Greens range, with ingredients including apple, kale, spinach, romaine, parsley, celery and cucumber – all blended in one recipe.

Kale is another super-food renowned for its multiple health benefits and will aid to detox your body, make your skin glow and fire up your metabolism.

Former Victoria’s Secret Angel Miranda Kerr is renowned for her love of health-boosting, organic foods. Having studied nutrition, the mother-of-one is a certified health coach and knows what ingredients will make you look and feel fabulous – with the glow to prove it!

One of her signature concoctions mixes coconut milk, coconut water, goji berries, acai powder, maca powder, chia seeds, cacao powder and vegan rice protein powder with a generous dose of spirulina. Derived from algae, the powder is hailed as one of the most potent nutrient sources available. While the flavour isn’t to everybody’s taste, its multiple health and beauty benefits make more than up for it.

As well as boosting energy and eliminating toxins, Spirulina increases immunity and helps to prevent candida bacteria overgrowth, which can cause acne breakouts. It also increases the skin’s cell renewal and healing process.

If you are interested in trying these powerful supplements, Holland & Barrett sell a combination powder of Spirulina and Chlorella as well as individual versions of the supplements. But before introducing any new health products into your diet, make sure to consult your GP.