Bulgari’s Omnia collection is no stranger to us. Uniquely, each fragrance in the “World Tour” collection comes in a beautiful infinity-shaped bottle and is inspired by a pairing of a flower and jewel. Omnia Crystalline celebrates the lotus flower, Omnia Amethyste the iris, and Omnia Indian Garnet the tuberose.

The latest Omnia Paraiba focusses on the passion flower, influencing the floral and zesty notes, as well as the exotic nature of Brazil where the Paraiba Tourmaline was found.
First discovered in Brazil in 1987, the colour was so incredible that it was thought to have been manipulated. The Paraiba tourmaline was so rare, it has been just as, if not more expensive than diamonds. The mesmerising shade of blue-green to Bulgari is symbolic of a meeting between sky and sea, and the joie de vivre of nature and vibrant life in Brazil.
The head notes of the scent are delightfully fresh and citrusy, a result of the Maracuja passion fruit and the Curacao Bigarade Orange. Heart notes revolve around the floral fusion of the light gardenia and exotic passion flower, giving the scent a depth and strength to it. Sensuality kicks in with the base notes, comprising powdery warm accents of cocoa beans and a woody elegant Vetiver essence. The resulting fragrance is one that packs a zesty first impression and mellows beautifully over time.