Jorgen Zimmerman
Organic brand Dr Hauschka just launched a set of wonderfully fragrant shower gels.

The natural favourite has its own in-house perfumer Jörgen Zimmerman to work on the fragrances, which can be really hard to create in an eco-friendly way.

“When creating with natural ingredients, especially with essential oils, you need to think and approach differently.

“Due to the complexity of essential oils, their volume and different volatility, it is important to visualise and to combine them in a more organic way,” says Zimmerman.

“When the first molecules were synthetically reconstructed in the beginning of the 19th century, people consequently used it in their creations.

“By implementing synthetic fragrances, the creations became more stable, reproducible and cheaper. But also less lively.”

Some notes (freesia, lily of the valley) are impossible to recreate naturally, so does Zimmerman just avoid them?

“Unfortunately, there is no essential oil of freesia or lily of the valley,” he says.

“Maybe, if I used my imagination and combined a few essential oils, I might be able to imitate the scent of these flowers.

“As they belong to the ‘floral white’ family, I would use some jasmine or ylang-ylang, maybe some rose to represent something close to them.

“You don’t have to avoid synthetic fragrances! They have been with us for a long time now and represent our zeitgeist – the spirit of the time.”  © Cover Media