The next time you’re in the ION Orchard Sephora store, why not get your brows fixed at the same time? Yep, there’s now a fully-fledged Browhaus located right inside the store.

Browhaus Browgraphy at new Sephora ION Orchard salon RECEPTION

As with all the Browhaus salons you can get everything from basic tweezing and threading to full-on complete, customisable brows with its Browgraphy offering.

Basically this means that you can get your brows coloured as well as shaped when you’re in the chair; if you have naturally dark eyebrows you might be surprised at how much better they look after a bit of colouring.

Browhaus Browgraphy at new Sephora ION Orchard salon BROWSLook at the difference a bit of “Browgraphy” makes. Image: Browhaus

Similarly to when you colour your hair ‒ even if it’s just a few shades darker or lighter ‒ the hair gets a bit of “conditioning” which makes it look thicker, shinier and healthier. After all, we all want brows like model-of-the-moment Cara Delevingne, right?

On top of that, if your hair is coloured, the talented team at Browhaus can help match your eyebrows so you don’t look odd – just a little lightening or darkening can make all the difference. According to Browhaus lighter brows can tone down harsh features and darker brows can define softer features. Give it a go. The also do eyelash colouring which is great for those with sparse or light lashes too; the same principles apply.

Browhaus Browgraphy at new Sephora ION Orchard salon TREATMENT AREA

There are a number of combinations for the Browgraphy package; you can choose from three different methods of brow shaping ‒ classic threading, modern tweezing or thread and tweezing ‒ depending on your preference and brow needs.

So, when you’re next at ION Orchard, check out the new salon in the Sephora mega-store and book yourself a quick brow-fix while you’re there.

Browgraphy is available at all Browhaus outlets in Singapore and is priced at $41 for Classic Threading, $43 for Modern Tweezing and $45 for Thread & Tweeze. For a complete list of salons, go to For tips on some of the Browhaus procedures, check out its YouTube account at