La Prairie Cellular Re-texturizing BoosterThere are several well-known skin types, such as oily, dry or normal. And there are some common skin conditions, such as sensitive or damaged.

Even with professional help it can be hard to know exactly what skin type you are and it’s even harder to know how to care for it. One of the less talked-about skin types is UV sensitive.

While some prefer to stay out of the sun for aesthetic reasons, others have no choice.

People with UV sensitive skin usually have fair skin with small pores, sometimes with a reddish undertone or freckles.

The skin is so fair it’s almost translucent and often reacts to heat and cold, not to mention UV rays.

To care for this skin, always pick skin care with at least an SPF of 30. Go for mild products with aloe vera or low concentrations of polyhydroxy acids, which are healing, soothing and rehydrating as well as mildly exfoliating.

Try the Comfort Zone Natural Remedy a mild cream with 95 per cent aloe vera, argan oil and polyhydroxy acids, or La Prairie Cellular Re-texturizing Booster (pictured above), which contains a trio of alfa and betahydroxy acids in an aloe-based gel, both excellent for UV sensitive skin types.

To give skin that extra boost, try salon treatment with antioxidants, such as Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Treatment. © COVER MEDIA