Beyonce Knowles
Forget the pudding bowl haircut, it is possible to cut your own hair and look fabulously glamorous.

Just ask Beyoncé Knowles who recently revealed that she loves nothing more than cutting and styling her mane of luscious locks.

“I like to experiment and I love playing around with highlights or bleaching the tip,” she explained. “I can cut and style my own hair. I recently cut two inches myself, I just part it in the middle and chh-chh-chh.”

So, how would the average woman go about cutting her own hair?

According to celebrity hairdresser Lee Stafford it’s easy if you know how.

“Kitchen scissors will do as well as hairdressing scissors,’ he told the Daily Mail.

“With practice, you can do this cut in five minutes but when you’re learning, you will want to take your time, so allow half an hour.”

Here are Lee’s tips for doing it yourself.

1. Tip your head upside down, brush your hair forward, then gather it into a nice, tight secure ponytail that starts right on your hairline, in the centre of your forehead.

2. Work out how long you want your first layer of hair to be. Measure the distance from where your ponytail starts on your forehead, to this point.

3. Pick up your ponytail and hold it firmly. Get your scissors and then shear it all off at the length you measured.

4. Change your grip on the scissors and, pointing the scissors directly into the hair, snip into the blunt end until it looks like your granddad’s shaving brush, all graduated and fluffy and with no hard lines. Take care to lean forward as you do this, so you don’t jab the scissors towards your eyes, or get bits of chopped-off hair falling into your eye.

5. Pull off the hair elastic and shake your head. © Cover Media