Fact: For your anti-ageing treatments to actually work, they need to be able to address the visible signs of ageing. The ultimate goal? A beauty regime that deeply nourishes dehydrated skin; softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines; and firms saggy skin. For that, you may want to look to the covetable Crème Ancienne collection.
This collection speaks of understated luxury and history, starting from the deeply fascinating backstory behind the collection – it’s actually inspired by what may well be the world’s first face cream ever.

“While I was doing research in my lab in France, I came across an ancient book that contained this unique formulation developed in the 2nd century by Claudius Galenus, one of the most influential medical scientists of the time,” Fresh co-founder Lev Glazman explains.

Fresh then deconstructed this cold cream formula, tossed in a number of precious oils and contemporary ingredients, then put it all back together again by hand – quite literally too, with the cream being blended manually in a monastery until this very day.
Indeed, everything about the creation of Crème Ancienne boils down to a distillation of the history of beauty and the time-honoured techniques of monks:

“For centuries, monks have been developing innovative remedies, experimenting with natural ingredients to create what we now know to be effective cures,” Lev adds.

The result? Crème Ancienne – an artisanal collection that harnesses the most ancient of skin secrets to provide the deepest lifting, firming and wrinkle-correcting beauty benefits – essentially addressing all of the top skin concerns when it comes to anti-ageing.


Top anti-ageing concerns
and how to treat them

Sagging skin and loss of elasticity
Lift and firm with Crème Ancienne and Crème Ancienne Soft Cream
Crème Ancienne is an anti-aging moisturiser made entirely by hand in a monastery. Why by hand? The cream contains fragile ingredients that must, according to Fresh, be be poured in a particular sequence at a specific dose at a determined temperature. These uncompromising requirements can only be met by hand – and select hands at that, too: After months of scouting, Fresh founders Lev Glazman and Alina Roytberg finally decided upon a monastery with monks that were qualified to hand-blend each jar.
This soothing “couture” cream promises to deeply hydrate and visibly diminish the depth and severity of existing wrinkles. Good for the most damaged and compromised of complexions, use this twice daily, morning and night.
If you’re looking for a lighter product, try Crème Ancienne Soft Cream, which delivers all of the beautifying benefits of the original formulation, only this time in a delightfully silky souffle texture. Inspired by the baby-soft bounce of a child’s complexion, Fresh says this fast-absorbing formula will reinvigorate dehydrated skin and reduce signs of fatigue for a fresher, more youthful-looking mien.

Fine lines and wrinkles
Smooth out creases with Crème Ancienne Honey Mask
This richly restorative treat is a targeted treatment that promises to drench parched skin with hydration, enhancing elasticity and smoothing out dry and irritated patches. Honey and echinacea, the hero ingredients of this moisturising mask, lend the formula a melting texture that’s non-sticky and rinses off without sticky residue.

Dehydrated and dull skin
Restore and revive with Elixir Ancien
Stuffed with natural oils and antioxidant actives like meadowfoam seed and seabuckthorn, Fresh Elixir Ancien is an extraordinary anti-aging face treatment that reduces the appearance of wrinkles, smoothes the complexion, and provides supreme nourishment. The production process is every bit as involved as its name suggests: To preserve the potency of its ingredients, Fresh says Elixir Ancien must be poured in a particular sequence at a determined temperature – which means the brand had to once again look to manual mixing as a solution.

“We turned to a monastery to hand-blend each jar because monks are an important part of the cream’s heritage. Without them, the original formula would not exist today,”

says Fresh Co-founder Lev Glazman. To use, simply dispense one of two drops of this serum-like salve and massage into the face. For optimum nourishment, follow up with a thicker-textured moisturiser like Crème Ancienne.


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