Dior’s Christmas makeup collection Grand Bal takes its inspiration in the grandeur and glamour of ball dance.

The tone refers to both extravagant parties in Mr Dior’s childhood home as well as Parisian balls in the roaring 1920s. “Now that Cinderella’s fairy godmother no longer exists, the couturier must be the magician”, Christian Dior once said.


Here are some of the highlights from the look.

Dior Grand Bal False Eyelashes














Diorific, $49

The classic lipstick in the beautiful golden metal casing is re-launched for Christmas 2012, appearing in four exclusive shades of red: Red carpet, Wine Red, Timeless Scarlet and Vibrant Rosewood.

Diorific Vernis

Diorific Vernis, $40

More than an IT-colour, Diorific Vernis is an IT-accessory. Dior are re-launching this nail lacquer as a bridge between fashion and finery. Find the one of the four shades that suits you the best, or get all of them as a seasonal treat to yourself.

Palette Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage

Palette Grand Bal Carnet de Maquillage, $112

The dance card held by 18th-century girls – to help them remember their list of dance partners –meets the essential beauty kit of today’s party girls. Inside the purse-like beautiful palette you find two eyeshadows, two lip-glosses and an eyeliner.

“This object of desire reveals a pearl eye-shadow dup in platinum and gold, that shines like silk and is as preciously adorned as an evening gown”, explains the statement from Dior which refers to the connection between beauty and fashion.

Dior False Eyelashes

False Eyelashes, $45

For the first time Dior has created a collection of faux-lashes adorned with silver beads or golden Swarowski Crystals.






























Dior’s Grand Bal Noël collection will be available from all Dior counters in Singapore from November 1.