Korean entertainment fanatics, get your popcorn, because a sequel to some serious K-Idol drama just premiered.

Two nights ago, South Korean media released a transcript of a Korean idol’s messages to his reportedly pregnant ex-girlfriend, as well as an interview with her. The two have been embroiled in some crazy unplanned pregnancy drama in the past week – in-laws and a “deluded” agency included – but more dirty details later.

In one text message, shown on Korean broadcasting network SBS’s television programme, the idol was quoted as saying: “If you cheat on me, I’ll kill you.”

Don’t be quick to conclude this comment as one said in jest, or an oddly sweet way of proclaiming one’s undying faithfulness to their other half, because the idol here is Kim Hyun Joong. Part-time K-Drama watchers will recognise him as Yoon Ji Hoon in the hit idol drama Boys Over Flowers.

Kim Hyun Joong back in 2011 promoting his solo album.

Let’s do a quick season one recap for some context. Back in August 2014, the SS501 member had a complaint filed against him for domestic assault. His then-girlfriend – the same ex in question – claimed she had been beaten on two occasions, and suffered multiple injuries including a broken rib cage.

When the news broke, the actor first denied the allegations, stating that she got hurt while they were “playing”. A month later though, he apologised to her and his fans, and was ordered by the court to pay a 5 million won (about S$6,100) fine.

The couple obviously parted ways after the incident…or so we thought.

Now back to the current episode. In the March issue of Korean women’s magazine Women Sense, a third party had revealed that the couple got back together and were expecting a baby.

A war of words – quite literally, involving official statements and the like – began between Hyun Joong’s agency, Key East entertainment, and the girl’s lawyer over actual confirmation of the pregnancy.

So is it really his?

Hyun Joong’s agency was reported by Korean media to appear doubtful of the case, although the idol was ready to be held accountable for the situation, if true. They were however, quick to clarify that the intention of their statement was to merely get in contact with the girl – referred to as Ms. Choi. She reportedly did not turn up for a hospital checkup arranged by Hyun Joong and his parents. Well it turns out, the girl’s lawyer had plenty of supporting evidence of the baby and interaction between the two.

So far, what’s fair to say about both sides is this: The couple got back together towards the end of 2014, but broke up for good sometime later (because, surprise surprise, he was dating someone else). When the pregnancy came up, she did not turn up for the appointment, because it was never agreed upon by her.

Finally, a blow-by-blow account of the whole situation. Ms Choi had given online site Dispatch, an exclusive interview and transcript of messages between the her and the idol. You can find the translated version in English here.

Here’s what we think: It’s obvious that the actor felt remorseful about last year’s assault case, and had hoped for the best for Ms. Choi. Both were caught off-guard by the pregnancy, and are not ready for marriage – Ms Choi even went so far to say that she will never get married to him.

Now, with the pregnancy. Hyun Joong is pretty much convinced that the child is his, obvious from his constant checking up on Ms. Choi, and asking to see sonograms. The messages have also shed light on the apparent distrust between his father and Ms. Choi.

Well ladies, if there’s one thing we’ve learnt from dramas, is that the trouble never ends. More text messages were brought up in a television programme, One Night of TV Entertainment on broadcasting network, SBS, later that night.

It’s been long rumoured that Hyun Joong will be enlisting in the army this 2015. Some say it’s a move to hide away from the scandal surrounding him in the past year, but we’ll leave that up to you to decide.

With these texts however, it’s apparent that the idol plans to serve in the army sometime soon, asking Ms Choi to “raise the baby well while I’m in the army”.

Apart from this message, another caught the attention of some, in which he says “If you cheat while I’m not here, I’ll kill you.” Given his past actions, some say it’s not one statement to take lightly.

A bunch of questions have been floating around the net: Is this just the regular case of a misinterpreted text message? Are Hyun Joong and Ms. Choi just bad for each other? Is the agency the only one in denial of the pregnancy?

It’s been two days and Hyun Joong has yet to respond to Ms Choi’s actions, but we’ll be watching.

UPDATE: Kim Hyun Joong’s parents have come out to share their side of the story in an interview with Korean site, The Fact. Read the translated version in English, here.