Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Serum

If you’ve consulted an aesthetician for acne or fine lines, chances are you’ll be familiar with the near-mythical properties of Vitamin A. Applied topically in the form of retinol, this skin eraser wipes off wrinkles and spots – with the unfortunate side effect of making your face painfully flaky, raw and lobster-red. Not a good look. 

Dermalogica says its new Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Serum has circumvented all of that nasty peeling business with a revolutionary Vitamin A derivative that claims to be minimally irritating and easier absorbed.

Skin nerd alert – unlike older retinols, Dermalogica’s hydroxypinacolone retinoate gets straight to work on your skin without undergoing metabolic conversion into an active form. 

The new serum also contains an alphabet of vitamins – C, E and F – that have been micro-encapsulated for maximum anti-oxidative effects.What this means is that the vitamins are released only upon contact with your skin, so as little of it as possible goes to waste.

Application is incredibly pleasurable – the serum has the silky consistency of skim milk, and absorbed with a matte finish.

We’re huge proponents of preventative care, so this serum is a good anti-aging bet if you’re in your mid- to late twenties. As with any serum, massage gently into your face and décolletage after cleansing and toning, then finish with a moisturiser. 

Dermalogica Age Smart MultiVitamin Power Serum, $140 for 22ml, is available at all AsterSpring Origin of Beauty Centres and Dermalogica-authorised skin treatment centres. For more information, visit

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