This depuffing cream gave me a slimmer V-shaped face overnight B1.png

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Beauty buddies, consider this a personal endorsement: Shiseido’s new night contouring cream is quite possibly the best non-surgical option when it comes to nailing that V-shaped visage so coveted in today’s K-Obsessed world.

What makes the Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream ($310) so special? Sure. there are a ton of expensive elixirs touting a tauter face post-application, but precious few specifically focus on your lymphatic channels.

The big breakthrough? Shiseido scientists say they’ve discovered that the sagging and bagging of age can be attributed to a lethargic lymphatic system – much like how the backing up of sewer pipes in a decrepit apartment can cause all manner of problems. (Quick explainer: Lymphatic channels are tiny tubes funnelling toxins away from your skin into reservoirs called lymph nodes throughout your body.)

This depuffing cream gave me a slimmer V-shaped face overnight! B2.png

Prior to the advent of this cream, the only real remedy was to rely on manual massage to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which brings us back to the cream at hand. Stuffed with a delicious-sounding duo of cinnamon and pine extracts, this power combo promises to rev up the lymphatic system for expert elimination of wrinkle-causing waste.

Then there’s Shiseido’s signature VP8 complex, a precision-engineered mix of moisture magnets and brighteners that’s said to get right down to business to quench parched skin and fend off fine lines. Throw in a ravishing rose scent and you’ve got one heck of an anti-aging cream.    


And as for the results? Let it be said that I won’t endorse products that do nothing for me, and the Vital-Perfection Sculpting Lift Cream does everything for me. I pat just the tiniest pinch into my face and neck as a last step at night, and awaken to a visage that’s visibly lifted, plump but puff-free almost as if I’ve just had an hour-long slimming facial massage.  

Bonus tip: Amplify your results with this easy massage method. Warm up a walnut-sized pinch of the product in your palms, then pat firmly into your face, paying extra attention to the jowl area and making sure that your hands are kneading upwards against the forces of gravity.

And because this is Shiseido’s top-of-the-line Vital-Perfection range we’re talking about, expect posh packaging that’s perfectly on point. What you get is a reassuringly solid metallic gold jar rimmed with regal navy – an extraordinarily exquisite object that demands pride of place on your powder table.

Besides, if it’s good enough for sensational Shiseido siren and Hong Kong screen legend Michele Reis, it’s probably good enough for you. Your lymph nodes will thank you!

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