Daniel Radcliffe says he is the 'male Cara Delevingne' B.png

Daniel Radcliffe thinks he’s the “male Cara Delevingne”.

The 25-year-old actor’s eyebrows insists he doesn’t comb his eyebrows but does do his best to ensure they never look too unkempt, citing famously bushy-browed model Cara as inspiration.

“No, but I have to trim them sometimes. When I was playing Igor for Frankenstein recently, I let them get mental… I am the male Cara Delevingne,” he laughed to British magazine Heat.

Daniel has appeared nude in theatre production Equus both in the UK and America, and he flashes his bare bottom in new film What If. He claims stripping off doesn’t stress him out, initially claiming he did nothing to prepare for the sequence. While standing by his claim that he wasn’t frantically doing squats before the camera started rolling, Daniel later admitted he sometimes does train on set.

“No, I’m not one of those people… [Thinks.] Actually, that’s not true. Sometimes on set I will do some press-ups really quickly, which I hate to admit to. I’ve just got really competitive with myself in terms of the gym recently,” he explained.

The actor has spoken about his keep fit regime in the past, confessing he doesn’t get much beauty sleep but rarely feels tired so it doesn’t matter. What he eats is an area ready for improvement though.

“I’ve always slept, kind of generally speaking, for five hours a night going back since I can remember. That’s why I’m an only child. I didn’t sleep a full night until I was eight years old. I woke up at four in the morning every morning like, ‘OK, ready to go. What’s going on?’ That’s just always been me,” he explained.

“Cooking is not something I do very much of. I’ve tried, I’m OK – but I just can’t be bothered to do it every night, which is so lazy. But I’ll get better at it and for now I can order things or microwave. So between the two of them I’m kind of OK.”

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