Custom cosmetics help makeup last forever GiellaOne of the most devastating losses a cosmetics fanatic can experience is the discontinuation of a favorite product.

If you are mourning the loss of a smoldering red lipstick or a pretty pink nail polish, then you’ll be glad to hear about Giella, a company excelling in custom blend makeup that can even match discontinued shades.

The company recently came to the rescue of US television host Kathie Lee Gifford, creating a polish called Happy Hour after Chanel’s limited-edition Khaki Rose nail lacquer sold out instantly last year.

On the US TV show Today this week the star sang the praises of the US brand, which has outlets in New York and other cities across the US.

Women looking to recreate their cosmetic staples simply need to send in the old product’s packaging and wait for that perfect color to be reborn. Items including lipsticks, pencils, glosses and nail polishes can be treated, with prices starting from US$25.

To find out more visit Giella’s website at, or check out other popular custom cosmetic companies such as Three Custom Color Specialists or Prescriptives.

Prescriptives provides an online custom blend consultation service, offering women the chance to create their ideal foundation or powder.

Three Custom can also match much loved face, eyes, cheek and lip shades, or help you concoct your own unique color. The company has outlets across the States as well as in Europe, including destinations such as Germany and Sweden. –AFP RELAXNEWS