It’s not surprising to note that pretty much everyone around me has had their hair dyed, permed, straightened or all of the above.

We can’t help but blame ever-evolving style mavens like Lady Gaga and Katy Perry for not being able to escape the allure of chemical treatments to change up our look. The end result? Severely damaged hair with split ends.

Don’t even get me started on the countless occasions where I find myself wishing that there was some sort of hair glue that I can use to stick my split ends back together.

Someone at Kérastase must have heard my wishes, as they roll out the new Kerastase Force Architecte range, to help soothe damaged hair of differing levels.

Kerastase Bain De Force

The range features two re-packaged products – the Bain De Force (Resurfacing Shampoo), $39, which recreates the outer protective layer of the hair for better protection and the Ciment Thermique (Heat Activated Reconstructing Milk), $50, which protects the hair fibre from heat-styling.

Kerastase Resistance Range

In addition, three all-new star products are also made available. One of which is the Ciment Anti-Usure (Reinforcing Rinse Out Conditioner), $54, perfect for reinforcing weakened hair at the breakage points. The Bain Force Architecte (Intensive Reconstructing Shampoo), $39, and Masque Force Architecte (Reconstructing Masque), $69, are ideal for daily use, to reconstruct hair fibre from within.

Kerastase Fibre Architecte

But if there is just one product you absolutely need to get rid of split ends, frizz and just generally, hair that looks like hay, the Kerastase Resistance Fibre Architecte, $50, is your answer.

A reparative serum, the Fibre Architecte is a leave-in formula that is used on the ends of the hair once you’ve towel-dried your locks after a wash. Two to three pumps of the serum will be more than adequate to strengthen your hair fibre and seal in your split ends, acting like a glue for your hair.

The winning formula? This reconstructive serum makes use of the repairing cream and a binding serum to work in tandem for your hair. It also contains ciment cylane complex which is made up of three exclusive ingredients.

Intra-cyclane, which basically repairs the breaking points on your strand, Pro-Keratine, which reinforces and revitalises the fibre and Ceramides, which rebinds the hair strands and gives it radiance and shine.

After about two weeks of use, your hair fibre is said to be reconstructed both internally and externally, making it ultra smooth and easy to manage again.

The multi-tasking product can also be used as finishing product after styling to keep your hair in shape. So pick up a fibre architecte and before you know it, your locks will be restored to its previously healthy state in no time.

The Kérastase Force Architecte Range is available at all Kérastase Consultant Salons. For salon listings, please call 6738 3113