Burts Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa and Cupuaçu Body Lotion
When it comes to beauty, Brazil is always ahead of the game (think Rodial and the Brazilian blow-dry for starters), so it comes as no surprise that the South American country is responsible for supplying the hottest new beauty ingredient that is popping up in lots of our favourite product: cupuaçu.

Listed as the Brazilian national fruit, cupuaçu (pronounced koo-poo-ah-soo) is a delicious melon-sized fruit with a creamy white pulp that grows in the Amazon Rainforest. Similar to cocoa butter, cupuaçu has antioxidant and emollient properties and due to its ability to soften, hydrate, and improve the elasticity in the skin, you’ll often find this ingredient in hair, skin, and makeup products – particularly lipsticks and glosses.

“Cupuaçus also have a high number of phytosterols, which trap moisture,” explains cosmetic surgeon Dr Sach Mohan. “It has also been shown to offer broad spectrum UV protection and it is a wonderful ingredient in any formulation requiring protection against sun damage.”

For products containing this fragrant ‘super-fruit’ why not try:

Burt’s Bees Richly Replenishing Cocoa and Cupuaçu Body Lotion
Scientifically proven to naturally moisturise for up to 24 hours. This body lotion leaves dry skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy, naturally.

Lush The Big Tease Styling Gel
If you’re looking for a firm hold styling gel, but don’t want a crunchy, helmet head finish, the Big Tease is exactly what you need. No matter what style you’re trying to achieve. The cupuaçu butter helps keep your mane moisturised while the other ingredients provide hold.

Lush The Kiss Lip Balm
The Kiss is another first from the LUSH labs; a delicious vegan lip gloss that’s absolutely free from preservatives! With luxurious shea and cupuaçu butters, this light balm will moisturise and protect the lips, while giving them a subtle pink glossy sheen.

Jouer Hydrating Lipstick
With a sensationally smooth, soft finish this hydrating lipstick keeps lips protected and nourished with enduring beautiful coverage – perfect balance of beauty and treatment. © Cover Med