Olivia Wilde rocks the top knot
It’s the fashion-forward hair style of the moment.

But just how does one go about creating a runway-worthy top knot?

Ever since Lanvin’s Spring/Summer 10 collection, the super-charged bun has become the go-to ‘do for every occasion.

It’s a style that has the potential to look absolutely fabulous, as demonstrated on the runway and red carpet.

But, as with many scraped-back ‘dos, there’s a fine line between appearing gorgeously runway-ready and looking like you’re about to wash your face.

In order to ensure you’re rocking the former rather than the latter look, Cover Media took advice from none other than hair stylist to the stars Paul Percival.

For this look, texture and volume is key to avoid your style turning into an ultra-neat ballerina bun.

Here are Paul’s tips for creating a gorgeous turbo-charged bun.

1. When you’re dressing hair it’s absolutely essential to make sure you get a good foundation. So first dry the hair with a dry shampoo or texturising spray such as Quite Wonderfully Wavy Texturising Spray to add volume and shape.

2. Next pull the hair up to the position you want the bun, it can sit anywhere you like, and secure with a hook band. To keep it fresh and modern, don’t pull the hair back too tightly and don’t worry about loose and stray hairs – they just add to the character.

3. Once the hair is in a ponytail, backcomb and spray the hair in sections using Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray. The idea is to create lots of volume before securing a bun ring to the base of the ponytail.

4. Manipulate the hair into the shape of a bun, wrap it around the bun ring and secure with geisha pins. The messier the better! © Cover Media