The reason why we love the no-makeup makeup look, compared to the skinny eyebrows and oddly lined lips that us mid-20s OLs grew up with in the 90s, is that it helps us to look like ourselves, but better.

A thin layer of base makeup and strategically applied correctors and concealer can hide late nights and stress, but most beauty fans will agree that nothing beats skin that looks naturally healthy and even-toned, even with no makeup on. Most of us incorporate a brightening product into our skincare routines to fight years of sun damage and acne scarring, but some of us also choose to complement our skincare routines with professional treatments.

While results from these treatments may be satisfying, let’s face it: It’s time consuming, costly and difficult to upkeep, especially if you have a busy schedule (which means virtually all of us). Wouldn’t it be better if we could get professional results at home, or at least be able to reduce the number of expensive visits to the aesthetician’s?

This is the gap that Shiseido’s new White Lucent range aims to fill. Each of the four products in the White Lucent line are not only inspired by professional procedures, they are also made to prolong – if not mimic – the effects of professional brightening treatments.

The Luminizing Infuser toner, $85, protects your skin from environmental damage while strengthening its barrier function, like a post-laser treatment; the White Lucent Luminizing Surge, $90, then acts like a multivitamin IV drip, softening the skin and boosting its radiance.

Then comes the two star products in the range: The White Lucent MicroTargeting Spot Corrector, $155, and the White Lucent MultiBright Night Cream, $115.

The former is a laser treatment-inspired serum that prevents dark spot formation and works to reduce the appearance of tiny, scattered spots; while the latter functions like an intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment in improving multiple skin concerns such as an uneven skin tone and pores.


Having been under the sun a lot in my teens and early twenties, coupled with a bad bout of hormonal acne two years ago, I’m an unabashed hoarder of brightening serums, buying new ones as soon as they are released and frequently swapping different serums in and out of my routine.

Predictably, I started using the entire White Lucent range as soon as I received it, but what surprised me was that I stuck to using the products for a whole three months. (And I stopped only because the serum ran out – two pumps a day, morning and night.) Consistency-wise, all of the products boasted light yet moisturising enough textures that kept my normal skin comfortable in Singapore’s humid weather.

Within the first two weeks of use, a stubborn patch of sun spots at the side of my left cheek looked visibly lighter, along with some acne scars. I was also surprised to see how well the serum and night cream were able to calm and repair my complexion, even on nights when I only got about four hours of sleep. If I had to choose, I feel that just these two products alone would be enough to improve the appearance of spots and overall skin tone.  

Even after a full month of not using the White Lucent range, my dark spots have stayed lightened, although my skin is less radiant than before, possibly due to a recent slew of late nights and unhealthy eating habits.

But the bottom line is, the White Lucent range ticks all the boxes for what I want in a brightening skincare range: Light textures that are moisturising enough in Singapore’s weather, as well as fast and lasting results.

If you’re considering only getting one or two products to incorporate into your existing routine, the MicroTargeting Spot Corrector and MultiBright Night Cream are the must-buys in this range.