For summer, H&M Beauty is launching a selection of vibrant nail colours for the season. To take it up a notch, try these easy-to-do designs at home.

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A fan brush makes arty stripes a snap. Paint your base colour over the whole nail. After it dries, paint half the nail with another colour. Sweep the fan brush over the wet polish to make the pattern you like. Finish with a top coat.


All you need is a drinking straw to get a splash of Pollock on your nails. Apply the base colour, then choose two or three other splatter shades. Dip a straw into the polish, then blow it onto each nail. Repeat with the other colours. Clean off excess polish with remover, then finish with a topcoat.


White polish, a clean makeup sponge and scotch tape make creating ombre stripes easy. Use white polish to mix varying shades of your favourite colour. Tape your nails into horizontal and vertical stripes. With a clean makeup sponge, swoop through the three colours, then swipe over your taped nails. Remove the tape once the polish is dry and finish with a top coat.

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Punch out tissue paper circles in different colours with a hole punch. Paint nails in metallic gold or silver. While the polish is still wet, use tweezers to layer the circles in different patterns. Go over the entire nail with a clear top coat.


The easiest way to create party nails. Paint your nails with a base colour, then allow it to dry. Apply gold polish on top. While it’s still wet, press a small wad of crumpled cellophane to your nail for a brushed gold effect.


What’s more rock n’ roll than DGAF nails? Start with clear polish on nails. Take a clean eyebrow brush and dip it into white polish. Make two simple strokes of the brush over the nails. Finish with a top coat.

The new H&M nail colours ($7.90 each) are available at H&M Orchard Building and H&M Raffles Place.

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This story first appeared on Female on June 16, 2017.