The coolest  best trick to curling short Asian lashes Fan BingBing B.png

Fan Bingbing’s lashes are superhero-worthy! Image: Chopard

At a recent herworldPLUS photoshoot, makeup artist Dollei Seah recommended a mascara to the beauty team. Incidentally though, I’ve always had a problem with any sort of mascara – the product provides little curl on my straight, stubborn lashes and leaves smudges along my under eye as I blink.

As I told Dollei this, she stopped me mid-sentence to give me a quick tip on how to make the product work for me by keeping stubborn “Asian” lashes like mine curled throughout the day.

You’ll be as surprised as I was to hear this – use an interdental brush.  

Sys IBG Jul 13.jpg

Image: Systema

A what? You know, one of those things you use to clean between your teeth? “Floss and comb your lashes out with that, it’s so tiny that it gets right into the root (of your lashes),” said Dollei.

The idea is to curl your lashes with your normal lash curler first, wait till it’s semi-dry, then use the brush to curl your lashes again.

In Dollei’s words: “Put on a lot of mascara, walk around the house for a bit, then comb it up for that (curling) effect.”

Plus, if you’ve always had the problem of your eyebrow spooly ruining perfectly drawn brows, you can use the interdental brush too!

“It’s so tiny and soft that it will won’t disturb (the makeup you have already applied),” said Dollei.

Neat trick, huh? These interdental brushes are easily available at all major drugstores. Thanks, Dollei!

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