#1 Create new angles

Graphic eyeliner design 1

I like the accentuated inner corner and the way the wing connects to the lower lash line. It’s a great way to give yourself a “new” eye shape, or to make drooping eyes look like they turn up at the corners.

#2 Contrast liner

Graphic eyeliner  - contrast liner

If you’ve got medium to dark skin, I highly recommend playing with light shades on your eyelids for some contrast. Some of my favourite liner colours on warmer Asian skin tones are gold, copper and bronze shades. If you’re just lining your eyes, the look will still be subtle enough for daytime.

#3 Coloured underline

Graphic eyeliner design underlined eyes

A fun way to literally switch things up is by lining your lower lash line instead! This one isn’t so much about accentuating a part of your eyes as it is about adding an element of playfulness. You can keep the shades closer to your skin tone if you’re afraid of it looking too bold, like gold or pink liners. But if you’ve got deeper skin tones, take the plunge and opt for stronger shades like turquoise or cobalt blue.

#4 Negative white

Graphic eyeliner  - negative liner

This is pretty much the opposite of what we regularly do, which is using black eyeliner to line the outer corner of our eyes. The white liner around the inner corner actually brightens the area very nicely and gives an illusion of shadow on the outer corners. It’s a little more editorial, but still wearable.

#5 A hidden line

Graphic eyeliner - hidden liner

Gold criss-cross design aside, the liner look on this eye is really easy to do and is a great way to contour your eyelids without actually having to use eyeshadow. A pencil or crayon liner is key for this, with a small brush to buff it out into a small outer triangle. The liner is meant to blend seamlessly to create the illusion of a crease.

#6 Crazy graphic colour

Graphic eyeliner

Not for the faint of heart and definitely not an everyday office-appropriate look, this graphic pop of colour is just too fun to leave out of our list. The trick is to keep your eyes open and draw above the crease when starting the line in order to ensure the colour is visible even with your eyes open.