Colouring your hair Try the Korean unicorn hair trend B1.png


Ladies, meet your latest “dye-dye” must-try: Unicorn hair! When it comes to colour crazes, this dizzying dye job may be the “hair” apparent to the somewhat passe ombre fad.

So what is unicorn hair, actually? You need only look to Seoul sensation Irene Kim for K-Hair inspo; the mane muse’s Instagram account is stalk-worthy in the extreme!

The Korean model’s K-olourful head makes the most persuasive case for this pastel hair phenomenon – as far as application goes, just about any hue not found in the natural world will work.

Colouring your hair Try the Korean unicorn hair trend


Want to rock your very own magical multi-coloured mane? There are a few basic colour commandments to follow, chiefly:

If you have fair skin with cool blue undertones, opt for fizzy sherbet strawberry or pearlescent pinks to play up your porcelain complexion. More of a glowy golden goddess? Top tints include jewel tones like vivid violets and rich rubies; for something subtler, stick to safer sunset shades like chestnut copper and burnished bronze. Easy enough, yes?

Colouring your hair Try the Korean unicorn hair trend


To nail the look, ask your stylist to brush on feathery flicks of your chosen colour on select strands; this “freehand” balayage method allows for a supremely natural, lived-in finish.

Bottomline: You should be aiming for is a strategic sheen to your hair that calls to mind the incredibly intriguing iridescence of polished metal.

Of course, pretty as these cotton candy colours are, quirkier hues like pale primrose and pastel peaches are notoriously short-lived and will wash out in a couple of months, so approach unicorn hair as more of a one-off experiment than a permanent solution.

Show your colourist these hot #hairspo Pinterest pics to get the creative juices jogging; and have fun going about your new My Little Pony adventures!