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The design for Tory Burch’s debut Eau de Parfum may boast all of the bevelled edges, bright orange accents and lush latticework that are hallmarks of her namesake label’s clean sportswear-inflected aesthetic, but as it turns out, the concept is a touching tribute to the designer’s parents.

Call it a poignant perfume, if you like. For starters, Tory says the fine fretwork and polished packaging is a paean to childhood memories of her mother’s vanity chest, which was always smothered in classy cream jars and romantic, old-school atomisers.

“I have always been inspired by my parents,” Tory says of her fragrance. “Fretwork was very much a part of their design sensibility. It was a part of their vernacular, and now it’s become a signature of the brand, and the perfect accent for the fragrance.”

Cologne conversation Tory Burch on Tory Burch EDP B2.png

As for the perfume proper, Tory partnered renowned nose Karyn Khoury from grooming giant Estée Lauder, and the fruit of their creative labour is a scent that is remarkably sensuous, nostalgic and contemporary all at once.

The beguiling base of velvety vetiver is an echo of Tory’s father’s favourite scent. Reassuringly masculine, the woody notes are balanced with intensely citrusy opening notes of grapefruit, mandarin and neroli, which segue to a feminine, floral heart of fresh peony, mimosa and alyssum.

Take it from the lady herself: “Fragrance is part of my personal history – my parents each had their favorite scents that are so tied to my memories,” Tory explains. “When we decided to create a fragrance, we spent a lot of time thinking about what it should be – a balance of femininity and tomboy, citrus and floral, grounded and graceful.”

For a visual representation of Tory’s scent-sational world, click “play” on the video below, and get lost in the lovely, sepia-tinged tableau! P.S. Bookmark herworldPLUS’ YouTube channel for more beauty tips and tricks!

Tory Burch Eau de Parfum, $95 for 30 ml, $135 for 50 ml and $175 for 100 ml, are available exclusively at Robinsons Orchard in December 2013. The collection will be available nationwide at major department stores from January 2014.

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