Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 1.png

Snap judgement: Officially obsessed with this beguiling beauty look conjured up by cosmetics crackerjack Sadafumi Ito for Collate The Label. The Nars international makeup stylist’s #MakeupInspo stemmed from the clothes themselves, which were as clean as they come.

Take it from the master himself: “I wanted to play off the simple silhouettes and sheer fabrics of the collection with sheer skin that was stripped down and sunkissed.”

Here’s how to nail this incredibly incandescent look for yourself:

Step 1. The first course of action is to even out your canvas. Skip heavy foundation and veil your face with a sheer layer of tinted moisturiser, then stipple on creamy concealer on spots and such with a precision angled brush.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 1concealer.png

Top tip from Sasa San: To conceal imperfections the “right” way, warm your product between clean fingers, smear onto the back of your non-dominant hand, then dip your brush into the creamy puddle. Tap the brush into the problematic area, then use your fingertips to blend it into the surrounding skin for a is-she-or-isn’t-she, well nigh invisible veil.

Step 2. Here’s a neat trick: To add depth and dimension to the face, grab a creamy contouring product in a deliciously deep cocoa colour (Sada San used Nar’s Matte Multiple in Cappadoce) and buff it with fingers into the hollows of your cheeks, extending it up to your temples.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 2contour.png

Step 3. Swipe the same hazel hue across the entire eye socket, sweeping it up and out towards the browbone. Our makeup maestro of the moment started with fingers and finished with a brush, pressing the paddle onto his model’s lids and angling the bristles outwards to blend the edges.

Public service announcement: As with application of almost any product on your face, a pressing motion is of the essence; the “traditional” windshield-wiping method causes unnecessary tugging, which you most certainly want to avoid around your delicate orbital area.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin b1.png

Step 4. On to highlighting. Lots of layering going on in this look; start with a shimmery tawny taupe – try Nars’ Hot Sand Illuminator – and tap onto areas where you want to train the spotlight.

Not sure which areas to highlight? The secret to great-looking skin is knowing where to direct your audience’s attention: Where to “place” the light, essentially.  That means any area where light hits: Think eyelids, cheekbones, nose-bridge, cupid’s bow, inner eye corners and a tiny bit on the temples.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 3blusher.png

Step 5. Moving on to blusher. Make like Sada San and use a creamy blush in a rosy nude. (His concoction of choice? Nars’ Orgasm, natch.) starting from under the centre of your pupils and swirling up into your temples.

What you do is to angle your blush brush against your cheekbones and use a deft, gliding motion to sweep the colour up towards your temples. This V-shaped wedge of colour along the top of your cheekbones will lend a subtly lifted, superbly slenderising effect.

Oh, and remember to keep your blush high up on your face for a lifted effect, and avoid bringing the blush inwards to your nose, as this can read as the redness of eczema.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 4illuminator.png

Step 6. Another “highlight” of the look: A universally flattering pearlescent pink by way of Nars’ Illuminator in Copacabana, which Sada San deftly dabbed onto the inner and outer corners of our model’s eyes and the bridge of her nose. The glimmering effect as light falls on the face masks fatigue and lends a lit-from-within luminosity that’s very intriguing indeed.

Collate The Label MakeupInspo Dewy K-Beauty skin 5brows.png

Step 7. Nearly there! Anchor this minimal makeup look with strong but natural-looking brows; simply fill them in using feathery flicks with your go-to brow powder. In keeping with the relatively restrained feel of the face, Sada San accented the eyes with Nars’ Larger than Life Lengthening Mascara, wiggling the wand to deposit pigment on the tips of the lashes.

Step 8. A nude balm on your lips is all you need for this look. To avoid looking shellacked, press the tint into the centre of your lips using warm fingers, then purse your lips together for an ultra-natural stain. Blot off any excess to keep the focus squarely on the sheen of the skin – and you’re done!

Follow the tips above and you’ll be well on your way to making everyday a runway-ready day. Good luck!