Nespresso SPECIAL

When it comes to flavourful pairings, there is nothing more delicious than a steaming hot cup of coffee teamed with a dash of milk. Indeed, coffee and milk are a marriage made in heaven. More than half the coffee consumed worldwide, in fact, is enjoyed with milk or cream and in a variety of forms, like a simple dash of milk to a milk-based beverage, like a latte macchiato. And cow’s milk is not the only way to create a palate-pleasing cuppa. Soy and oat milk, too, have a way of totally transforming a simple cup of coffee into an indulgent moment of sheer pleasure.
The ideal coffee base

A great cup of coffee starts with a good quality espresso. So, when you build up a coffee recipe from that perfect cup of espresso you are essentially creating a quality work of art. To satisfy the most demanding of palates, Nespresso uses only the top 1-2% of the world’s coffee crops, sourced from the best coffee-growing regions for their Grands Crus capsules. Each Grand Cru coffee features a unique taste and aroma profile. When the freshest quality coffee is extracted, using a Nespresso machine, there are approximately 900 aromas present, kept fresh by the crema till the last drop. Crema is the distinctive mark of an exquisite coffee, the hazelnut-coloured foam that crowns each cup of Nespresso coffee.

Endless flavour variations

While Nespresso’s 22 Grands Crus coffees offer complex aromas when enjoyed black, they offer an even greater array of flavour characteristics when milk or frothed milk is added. As a coffee connoisseur, this means that you have the freedom to experiment and craft coffee recipes with your favourite milk and other ingredients. With just one Grand Cru, you can enjoy an almost infinite range of taste variations. A dash of milk added to the Dulsao do Brasil Grand Cru, for instance, highlights the light cereal notes in the coffee. And for a combination of creamy and frothy textures, a cappuccino hits the spot – try a Capriccio Grand Cru mixed with hot milk and topped with rich, frothy layer (Tip: If you want an ultra-smooth froth, try oat milk) Rosabaya de Colombia Grand Cru prepared with hot milk creates a latte machiatto with a velvety caramel quality.

But why stop there? With Nespresso’s Grand Crus coffees, there is so much you can create, and so many new flavours to experience. For your ultimate coffee experience, visit the Nespresso Boutiques (ION Orchard #01-14 or Takashimaya D.S. B1), selected Nespresso Authorized Trade outlets, download the Nespresso Mobile App (iPhone, iPad or Android), visit or call toll-free 800 852 3525 (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week).

Explore a world of flavour with these exquisite #NespressoAndMilk coffee recipes:

Iced Vanilla Coffee with Caramel Milk Froth

All of the exquisite sensations of vanilla that melts in your mouth, surrounded by the round smoothness of a Volluto Grand Cru and caramel.

• 2 capsules of Nespresso Volluto Grand Cru
• 1 scoop of vanilla ice cream
• 80ml of fresh cold milk
• 2 teaspoons of caramel syrup
• 1 teaspoon of grated chocolate

1. Prepare the milk froth using the steam nozzle of your Nespresso machine, or using the Nespresso Aeroccino3 milk frother, press the button once. Wait until you get unctuous foam, then add in the caramel syrup.
2. Prepare two Volluto Grands Crus as espresso coffees (2x 40ml) directly into a cappucino cup.
3. Add the scoop of ice cream immediately and cover with the hot milk froth.
4. Sprinkle with grated chocolate to serve.

Choco Coco Latte Macchiato

The intensely grilled notes of the Arpeggio Grand Cru are exalted by the cocoa of chocolaty hazelnut spread and delicately enveloped in the mellow aromas of coconut.

• 1 capsule of Nespresso Arpeggio Grand Cru
• 200ml of fresh cold milk
• 10ml of coconut syrup
• 2 teaspoons of chocolaty hazelnut spread
• Sliced grated coconut

1. Place the chocolaty hazelnut spread at the bottom of a tall glass.
2. Prepare your milk froth by using the steam pipe of your Nespresso machine, or using the Aeroccino3 milk frother, press the button once.
3. Wait until you get unctuous foam, then add in the coconut syrup.
4. Pour first the milk onto the chocolaty hazelnut spread and then add the froth.
5. Prepare your Arpeggio Grand Cru as an espresso (40ml) using your Nespresso machine, directly into the tall glass.
6. To serve, decorate your glass by putting some chocolaty hazelnut spread around the top of your glass and sprinkle the grated coconut.