Clinique introduces new Almost Lipstick range

Many of us have been there and the search for the perfect lipstick shade that matches your skintone can be an arduous process.

There are shades which some of us never will dream of trying, thinking that we could never pull it off. At other times, hesitation presents itself despite the fact that we tried on a particular colour five times.

Well, it’s time to cast your net wider as you search for the perfect shade and be adventurous as Clinique introduces seven new Almost Lipstick shades ranging from natural nudes to deep violets and reds.

Clinique introduces new Almost Lipstick range

If you’re looking for an iconic colour, go with the deep, blacken-raisin cult favourite hue, Black Honey. Formed with a precise blend of red, blue, orange and yellow pigments in a sheer base, it is said to flatter and appear different on every skintone.

A great hue for Spring would be the lightest shade from the range, Shy Honey. The feminine pink Almost Lipstick gives you luster with minimal effort.

According to Jenna Menard, Clinique’s First Global Colour Artist, “Almost Lipstick’s ultra sheer formula is a great way to experiment with different colours and introduce yourself to shades you’ve never worn before. Almost Lipstick can be the perfect stepping stone into other colour families.”

Unlike other intense lip colours, Almost Lipstick delivers a tinge of colour with a sheer finish, great for those of you seeking a little more shine. Though it provides delicate colour and luster, it is not quite a gloss and as its name Almost Lipstick suggests, it is not quite a lipstick either.

But it is because of this unique formulation that the Almost Lipstick is said to be able to flatter virtually every skintone. Its translucent formula gives lips a very sheer colour which allows your natural lip tone to come through together with the lipstick, creating a custom shade unique to you as the lipstick shade “blends” and enhances your natural lip colour. 

If you find the colour too subtle after one coat of application, you’ll be glad to know Almost Lipstick is buildable, so you can layer on till you get the shade you want.

Besides delivering wearable colour, Almost Lipstick is also emollient-rich to give your lips a healthy dose of moisturisation.

Almost Lipstick is available in seven shades at Clinique counters in Singapore for $33 each.