Clay masks are a must-have in almost every woman’s skincare routine.

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The potent sebum suckers seem to be our best bet in fighting enlarged pores and unwanted bumps in Singapore’s humidity.

But as much as we love the effect of clean and clear skin, the uncomfortable tight feeling that clay masks sometimes give make us feel just a little bit paranoid about supposed “dehydration lines and wrinkles” forming on our skin as the mask dries up. (Bet you’ve heard something this before: “Don’t move your face when you’ve got a clay mask on or you’ll get wrinkles!”)

Apart from the fact that you should be washing off the creamy black substance before it completely hardens (and that some clay masks actually help with wrinkles), there are many options in the market that help to keep your skin feeling moist throughout the process.

One that’s caught our eye is Bliss’ new Multi-‘face’-eted All-in-one Anti-aging Clay Mask, which claims to stay completely flexible on your face, even after 10 minutes.

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This means that you’ll get none of that hardening and cracking from traditional clay masks.

Bliss’ new mask is formulated with not just the usual kaolin and carbon – which absorbs excess sebum – but also with 10 per cent glycolic acid, which improves cell turnover and minimises the appearance of pores.

If that sounds a little too much for your skin, be glad to know that moisturising jojoba oil also makes part of the ingredient list.

Can’t wait to try it? It’ll be out in Sephora stores this July, priced at $85. In the meantime, we’ll be testing this, so stay tuned to the site for our review!

Photography: Vernon Wong; Art direction: Michelle Tham; Hair and makeup: Dollei Seah, Lydia Thong and Vicky Lee of Makeup Entourage (9111 1919), using Shu Uemura; Model: Lee Soon Young/Nu Models

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