Clarisonic Pro Skincare System, $375

The “patented sonic technology”, so the brush handle can make 300 movements per second, is supposed to remove six times more makeup than normal cleansing by loosening the dirt and oil trapped in pores.
The set comes with the brush head for cleaning sensitive skin, but there are two for ultra-sensitive or normal skin available for purchase. Three mini cleansers, a facial scrub, and a brush head for body cleansing are included.


Rating: 3.5/5

For people paranoid about not cleaning your face thoroughly, this is for you. My skin felt smoother and cleaner after about two weeks of using it. I thought it’d be a hassle having to use a brush to wash my face but it only added a few seconds more to my routine.

The battery life is also good – all I had to do was charge it overnight at the start and it’s still going after one and half months.

It’s a little pricey though, but taking into account the brush heads cost around $40 to replace, the upkeep isn’t too expensive. This does help you save money because you can skip the toner after washing, as I did, since toner’s usually used to remove traces of makeup.

The time saved on skipping toner would have to be spent on giving the brush head a thorough wash after you use it on your face. I didn’t do this, and it acquired a brown colour and sour smell.

I’d advise keeping it in a cool and airy place to let the brush dry after using — I stuck mine on the oven on the kitchen counter — and not the bathroom where it may come into contact with water and humidity.

Finally, the cleansers were creamy and comforting to my skin without any strong smells. This was a good surprise since mini-sized cleansers are usually put into sets as an after thought. It even won the approval of my mother, who’s quite particular about cleansers.