While many skincare brands focus on anti-ageing skincare on fighting lines, spots and dehydration, not as many pay attention to contouring and lifting. A Clarins bestseller since its inception in 1998, the V-Shaping Facial Lift serum has been winning fans for the last 21 years. It’s no surprise why, especially with this year’s new variation — the fifth generation of the V-Shaping Facial Lift serum.

With an updated sleek packaging in elegant rose gold, it also consists of a new ingredient—agropyron. This plant (also referred to as wheatgrass) is known for its exceptional gripping effects as it’s able to hold on and support soil, keeping it in place on hillsides, preventing erosions. Organic agropyron extract, in turn, can help skin facial contours resist gravity and limits the accumulation of lipids in fat cells.


Marie-Helene Lair, Clarins’ scientific communications director explained how it works, “The most effective way to fight against gravity is by maintaining skin’s support network. It is this fibrous system that helps the skin retains its lifted appearance through visible contours.”


Clinical tests on agropyron extracts have recorded a 158 per cent spike in collagen production. As a result, “it’s like wearing a corset on your face,” said Lair. “You can feel the instant tightening and lifting effects.”

“My grandfather invented the V-Shaping Facial Lift serum after speaking to some Japanese journalists and discovered that they were concerned about sagging on their faces,” Clarins brand ambassador Jenna Courtin-Clarins told Her World. “He created it with Asian women in mind but at 32 years old now, I can also see its benefits on me.”

However, there is an optimal way of using the new V-Shaping Facial Lift serum.

Chinese actress Zhong Chuxi, Clarins’ newly appointed global beauty ambassador, gave us a tip, “First, warm the serum in your palms then pat it onto your face and décolleté. Using pressure of the weight of your head, hang your head down into your cupped palms.

“Start from the top: your forehead, cheekbones, cheeks, jaw and then rest your jaw on your knuckles for about 10 seconds. Lastly, finish by tapping firmly on your collarbones (the control centre for lymphatic drainage).”