Finding a day cream is almost like finding a soul mate. There are some that will be good, there are some that will be bad, and there are some that will literally change your life. Clarins’ new Extra Firming Day cream firmly falls into the latter. 

An intensive antiaging treatment, this softly scented cream is designed to rebuild the bonds between our skins collagen, elastin and cells for  younger-looking and firmer skin in just four weeks. 

So how exactly does it do this? And how, more importantly, does it differ from the hundreds of other day creams that have come our way. Well, firstly, rather than focus on individual concerns, the Extra Firming Day Cream is designed to actually strengthen the skin’s basic architecture – meaning it can firm, tone and rejuvenate every level of the skin structure.  

So how does it stand out amongst the crowd? Well, this little gem really gets to work from the moment it hits your skin. With the hyaluronic acid and oat sugar combination smoothing features immediately, that leaves the rest of the unique, paraben and petrochemical free ingredients, including organic green banana, lemon thyme and bocoa, free to get to work on the skin structure. What’s more – the easily absorbed, grease-free finish makes it the perfect make-up base. 

While firmer, younger-looking skin might be a promise many will plump for but few can deliver – The Extra Firming Day cream really doesn’t lie – those dread fine lines and wrinkles have given way to a radiant, noticeably younger looking us. And what’s more – with just a finger full of cream needed, a month in, we still have half a tub to savour.


Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream, $130, is also available as a night cream. Available from all Clarins counters in Singapore.