We all know how harried Christmas can be. Apart from wracking our brains for the perfect presents, we also have to worry about which parties to attend and what outfits to buy. In essence: There is a lot to do.

Which is why we were so excited when Fresh “reminded” us that it has a mask for almost every single skin problem we might be facing this festive season, so we can sit back and know that our skin is being taken care of.

Is selecting a gift for your future in-laws stressing you out? Or clearing your work before the holidays stress you out? Do you feel that your face is going to break out in pimples? The multi-tasking Umbrian Clay mask is all you need to help keep your zits in check. A creamy clay mask that can also be used as a spot treatment and a daily cleanser, it works to detoxify, eliminate dead skin cells, and combat clogged pores, treating irritation and refining the skin’s texture. This anti-inflammatory mask works to calm your skin and rid it of pimples instantly.
Too many late nights trying to wrap those presents? It can take a toll on your skin. When your skin is dry and irritated, simply slather on a layer of Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. The luxurious cooling gel is infused with real rose petals and pure rose water, giving your skin an instant burst of hydration – soothing, toning, and restoring the skin in one simple step. You can even choose to layer this mask on top of Fresh’s Umbrian Clay mask, giving you a hydrating detox and an ultimate pampering session at the same time.
Have a big party to attend tomorrow? No matter how much makeup you apply, your skin still looks dull and tired. For an instant fix to soften those lines and boost your skin tone, Fresh’s Instant Perfecting Black Tea is a cult favourite for instant skin perfection. Tapping onto the Kombucha black tea, this cooling velvety mask is said to penetrate deep into your skin, erasing the signs of ageing such as fine lines and wrinkles. Furthermore, the brand even says it will instantly boost your skin tone while refining its texture at the same time. Together with lychee seed extract and jicima root juice, Fresh says your skin will be filled with collagen and nourished from the inside out. For days when you really need to indulge, Fresh recommends layering a generous amount of Fresh’s Rose Face Mask after, so you can experience healthy skin that glows.
It is no secret that exfoliation does wonders to your skincare regime. And with Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish, you will not only remove unwanted dead skin cells, you will also be giving your face the lavish treatment it needs for a healthy glow. This is because Fresh’s Sugar Face Polish isn’t just your regular scrub, it is a mask that nourishes as well. Containing a combination of sugar (a natural antiseptic!) and strawberry seeds, the ingredients work to gently slough away dead skin cells and dirt, and at the same time melting into your skin and plumping it with antioxidant goodness for supremely soft skin.

Now that your skin is ready for the holiday, Fresh would like to treat your lips and
get it ready too!

Come by Fresh Holiday Pop-Up Store at Sephora Ion from
20th Nov to 10th Dec 2014
for a complimentary
Fresh Sugar Lip Ritual.

Simply say
“HerWorld Plus Fresh Treats”

Fresh’s Mask Collection can be found at all Sephora stores. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.