Be sure to check out the photo gallery below for the full line-up of products.

Urban Decay
According to Sephora, Urban Decay’s much-anticipated Book of Shadows Vol. III UD Heart NYC ($88) will be in Singapore on 12 November.

There are sixteen shades in all — seven new ones and some of the brand’s best sellers like Smog (a deep copper) and Perversion (a matte black). Two eyeliners and an eyeshadow primer are also included. Oh, and it lights up too.

Only 1,000 pieces are going to be brought in. If you don’t want to end up buying the palette for $300 on Ebay – which happened the day after the US store started selling them – it’s best to put your name on the waiting list.

What I’m really eyeing is The Black Palette ($63). A good dark eyeshadow palette is hard to find. I’m talking inky black shades I can smear on and wear with a rock-and-roll attitude, even though I’m nowhere near being a rock chick. The shades in here are all black-based, so they’ll be dark enough for an endless array of smoky eyes.

And what better way to complement a smoky eye than Urban Decay’s Body Jewelry ($30). According to Eric Jimenez, International Makeup Artist for Urban Decay, the brand started doing body jewellery ten years ago. That means they were way ahead of Peter Philips’ temporary tattoos for Chanel’s Spring/Summer 2010 show. These ones are not tacky at all and come in dreamy shades.

Soap & Glory
I love Urban Decay’s edgy stuff but stamp some vintage pictures and patterns on something and you’ve got me hooked. That’s why Soap & Glory has got me in the palm of its hands for Christmas.

There will be eight sets on offer, some featuring their best-selling products while others come in limited edition sizes. The gifts keep on giving – you can reuse the packaging or boxes which the products come in.

If you want something extra big, go for Pink Big ($152). Ten products for body, hair and face are crammed into a reusable canvas box and bag. For those new to the brand, this would be a perfect starter kit.

I also fancy the Mini Series ($30). Five best sellers from the brand, including a body butter and bubble bath, come in a retro-printed “hat box” you can use to prettify your table.

Too Faced
Icicles, frosted glass, angels, pixies and fairies inspired Jerrod Blandino, the founder and creative director of Too Faced, to come up with the Enchanted Holiday Collection.

The star is definitely the Enchanted Glamourland palette ($80). Fifteen eyeshadows, ranging from muted to bright, a pink-gold blush, bronzer (which Blandino had created for his sister who survived melanoma and couldn’t suntan) and a mauve lipgloss are in this palette styled to look like a pop-up book. It even comes with three instructional cards to teach you how to use the colours.

If palettes confound you, then go for the Pixie Perfect set ($69). It’s a favourite of Kalina Fernandez, Too Faced’s Director of Global Artistry, who told me she loves the separate compacts the eyeshadows and blushes come in. This means she can put them in her makeup pouch separately without having to lug around an entire palette. A mascara, lip gloss and eyeshadow primer are included in the ice blue patent makeup bag too.

All products are slated to arrive at Sephora’s Singapore outlets on November 12, but stay tuned to the Sephora Singapore Facebook Page for the latest updates. Urban Decay’s Vegan Palette and Good Karma Brushes are in stores already.