Photo: Christian Louboutin Beauty

Christian Louboutin’s game-changing scarlet-soled heels was created by a stroke of creativity, and a swipe of red nail polish. The designer, while designing the Pensees pump in 1992, felt that the prototype needed an extra oomph for it to truly be a pair of statement heels. His solution? By coating the soles of the shoe a bright red nail lacquer. And from there on, a Christian Louboutin as a brand, was truly born. 

So really, Louboutin has quite the affinity with red. And speaking of red – nothing quite matches up to a scarlet power strut, than a scarlet power pout. It was only time a beauty line followed along the heels of the designer – in 2012, Louboutin shook up the beauty world with the launch of Christian Louboutin Beauty.

Mica Arganaraz, ambassador of Christian Louboutin Beauty. Photo: Christian Louboutin Beauty

We mean, it was literally impossible for the brand to not be the star of attention with each beauty launch. Every product is a work of art – this isn’t your conventional rose-gold-shimmer-glitter aesthetic, mind you – Louboutin drew inspiration from Middle Eastern antiquities and the Art Deco Movement. When you see it, you’d know it. Beauty, to the French designer, was objet d’art. To us, je t’aime

And finally, launched on a night of crimson neons and little black dresses, Singapore welcomed Christian Louboutin Beauty yesterday (June 20). 

Here are the star products to get excited about: 

Silky Satin, Velvet Matte and Sheer Voile Lip Colours, $142 each

Photo: @louboutinbeauty/ Instagram

Possibly what the brand is best known for, Louboutin lippies are a sight to behold.

Housed in dagger-esque components (some even with a luxe mermaid scale design) with a crown cap, these lipsticks were created to be a woman’s talisman – one that bestowed self-confidence and class. Beauty girl or not, we all know what a good lipstick, in a good shade, can do for you. 

These lippies come in three finishes – satin (20 shades), velvet matte (18 shades) and sheer (9 shades). Every range will have the iconic Rouge Louboutin red – and you already know why. 

Five new red Velvet Matte shades in Jackie, Justine, Goyetta, Dramadouce and Triluna. Photo: Christian Louboutin Beauty

As part of the launch, the brand also debuted five new Velvet Matte red shades, encased in black matte packaging. Very reflective of Christian Louboutin’s aesthetic, we’d say. These lipsticks offer intense coverage, and set to an ultra-matte finish for a statement pout.

Tape a l’Oiel Eye Colour, $80 each

Photo: @louboutinbeauty/ Instagram

It means “eye-catching” in French, and that’s what these liquid eyeshadows are created to do… from its packaging to its formula. 

These eye colours are made with a formula that’s a fusion of water and metallic pigments, these eye colours set to a mirror-like finish. Everything feels lightweight and fluid – so you don’t feel like there’s anything on your skin.

Mix and match your favourite shades together; these liquid shadows play well with each other. There are 6 mattes and 6 metallic shades to choose from. 

Photo: @louboutinbeauty/ Instagram

But before we leave you to marvel at the colours, let us quickly draw your attention to the not-so-subtle gold packaging. It’s gold and bold, loud and proud; and has the same pointy cap as the rest of the collection. #Vanitygoals, anyone?

Nail Colour, $80 each

Photo: @louboutinbeauty/ Instagram

If you’ve ever wanted to take your nail polish bottles up a notch – Louboutin nail lacquers are it. The designer’s brand was born because of red nail polishes, so you can bet they’d be of great importance to the brand, too.

Louboutin’s giving back to beauty what the shoe took from the nail polishes decades ago. With an extensive range of 29 shades, the line includes brights, deeps and nudes. The pointy cap is eight inches long, inspired by the tallest heel the designer’s ever created  – the Ballerina Ultima. The art of calligraphy is also a source of inspiration for the product; getting a kick-ass manicure should be relaxing and luxurious, take your time with it. 

Christian Louboutin Beauty is now available at, and at TANGS at Tangs Plaza on Jul 1 2019.