This cheap drugstore ingredient reduces skin redness  pores fast! B.png

Here’s the thing. I’ve suffered from spectacular scarlet splotches on my skin my whole life – a trade-off, it would seem, for being as pale as death. (Not a good deal, I assure you; Prince Harry’s quite possibly the only person capable of rocking a ruddy complexion.)

Happily, my Mum is a veritable treasure trove of top tips – and I think she may have just helped me to find the one elixir I need to soothe sensitive skin. Drumroll, please: Madame Quek’s magical ingredient is milk of magnesia.

Milk of what? If you’re a regular pharmacy patron, you’ll no doubt have stumbled upon bottles of milk of magnesia stashed away alongside your aspirin and analgesics. And while it’s meant to allay tummy aches, my mother’s little trick involves slapping it onto your skin to radically reduce the redness of rashes.

Simply chuck your milk of magnesia into the fridge right next to your carton of well, actual milk, dip cotton pads into the cool mix and dab onto affected areas. Relax and kick off your kitten heels for a couple of minutes, then rinse off for smoother, softer skin.

How on earth does this embarrassingly simple solution work? As it turns out, the active ingredient in milk of magnesia (impress your chemist by saying “magnesium hydroxide”) is an excellent anti-inflammatory, making it great for balancing out blotchy skin.

And to the skeptics out there, it appears as if science backs my Mum up on this one; some studies even suggest that milk of magnesia can be useful in alleviating acne and congested pores.

As always, crucial cautionary caveats apply: Always spot test on the nook of your elbow and neck any untoward allergic reactions, and ring up your dermatologist if your skin woes persist.

Finally, knowledge is power for people with perpetually sensitive skin. Be a beauty brainiac by doing your research and arming yourself with a comprehensive overview of the “good” and “bad” brands on the market. There are a ton of advocacy groups and sites out there, so it’s really just a click and bookmark away to your very own curated cosmetics compendium.

So yes, doff of my hat to Mummy dearest once again, and ladies, let me know if this milky treat bestows you with a well, milky mien!

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