Charlize Theron is crazy hot in a dress you must see to believe! B jadore climax.png

Quick, word association game: J’adore, go! Me? Lush, limpid, lovely (the last being my favourite adjective; just so you know, fangirls!)

The latest iteration of Dior’s fabulous fragrance is all of that – that and Charlize Theron. Any beauty buff worth her bathing salts will surely recall seeing the siren slinking past spectral simulations of silver screen icons the likes of Marilyn and Marlene, in what must rank as one of the most celebrated campaigns of the early Noughties …

Flashforward to 2014. Charlize is at it again – and it’s a right old doozy. The new short film, shot by fantastic fashion photog Jean-Baptiste Mondino, plays out as a sequel of sorts.

How to describe it without giving away too much of the plot? Let’s see. It’s still set in Versailles’ heady Hall of Mirrors, so that’s all well and good.

Charlize Theron is crazy hot in a dress you must see to believe! B tease.png

Charlize steps into the frame, bespoke bejewelled train of her gown trailing like fragrance made fabric. The camera pans up to her face (cue collective gasp from fanboys the world over), there’s a deliciously tense beat or two in which it appears as if she’s about to tear off her threads … then magic happens.

Intrigued yet? Hold your horses, because we’re pleased as punch to have first dibs on a video interview with the woman of the hour herself. Skip straight to 1:04 for Charlize’s take on the new J’adore ad, although the full three minutes is well worth watching in its entirety, if only to luxuriate in the honeyed huskiness of her narration …

Oh yeah, one more thing: Hat tip to the Dior face painters responsible for this living work of art; her makeup is on fire here, I tell you.

Charlize Theron is crazy hot in a dress you must see to believe! Bottle.png

Now, the J’adore juice is much the same (if it ain’t broke …) which means you can expect bracing top notes of Mandarin orange and neroli seguing into a pillowy heart of plump petals plucked from Turkish roses, Indian jasmine and titillating tuberose. All of these resolutely feminine accords lie in repose in a gently simmering base of warm woods and velvety vanilla.

Flirty fragrance fact worth memorising for future use as a party conversation starter? Tuberose is a pink-petalled perennial so startlingly sensual, it’s earned the infamous distinction of being referred to by preeminent perfumer Roja Dove as the “harlot of perfumery”. Who knew?

The bottle itself boasts the sensuous silhouette J’adore is justifiably famous for, with a judicious tweak or two for 2014. The “pearl” suspended in the stopper harkens at Dior’s haute joaillerie heritage, for one, and the bangles begirding the waist of the voluptuous vessel have been given an asymmetric twist. Beyond beautiful.

In any case, that’s enough fragrance foreplay for now. Click “play” on the exclusive vids below, and try not to raise the eyebrows of your neighbours with your oohing and aahing. Enjoy!

J’adore Eau De Parfum Natural Spray, $108 for 30ml, $160 for 50ml and $230 for 100ml, is available at all Dior counters. For more information, visit and follow the brand on Facebook.