No grey area about this hair trend: Charcoal is THE colour to try now

For those who can’t have bright hair colours


Remember your school days when you used to complain about how you can’t go to school with coloured hair without risking disciplinary action? You stepped into the workforce, thinking that you can go to work with unicorn hair, but alas, your unicorn dreams are shattered when your workplace has a strict “natural-looking hair colours” only policy.

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But that doesn’t mean you can be trendy. The latest Instagram hair colour trend, charcoal hair, is the answer to every working woman’s hair colour woes – it’s dark enough for you not to receive a warning letter from the human resource department, but at the same time, make you look like a style influencer. The great thing about this trend? There’s no fixed hue, so you can play with the different tones of grey and brown, or even do a combination of both colours.


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